The Triton Regional School District brings together students from three communities for one purpose: to create a safe educational environment in which each student is nurtured academically, socially, and emotionally in a developmentally appropriate manner. Devotion to this purpose guides all the efforts of the school district. With student achievement as their overarching goal, the teachers and staff of the Triton Regional School District are devoted to guiding and supporting students in their efforts to become life-long learners.

The success of students in the Triton Regional School District is grounded in a dedicated partnership created by the schools and member communities. These groups work together consistently in the spirit of respect and cooperation to ensure that each student is encouraged to fulfill his or her potential. From when they enter our system to when they emerge, students are challenged to expand their understanding and awareness, and to learn the skills for creating rewarding and meaningful lives.

Together, the schools and communities provide the resources necessary for students, teachers, and staff to be as successful as they can be. A strong standards-based approach to a common core of learning reinforces educational excellence. Open and ongoing communication encourages high performance and recognition and appreciation of diverse backgrounds and talents provides inspiration for collaboration among all.

It is the goal of the Triton Regional School District through the school volunteer program to:

  • Promote a home-community-school partnership for quality education
  • Help the teachers and staff in any manner that enables them to do their jobs more effectively
  • Assist learning processes by providing individual learning opportunities through the use of volunteers
  • Stimulate interest, concern, and support of our educational system through constructive citizen participation

To help promote positive school and community relationships TRSD Volunteers:

  • Recognize that well-educated children are our greatest natural resource
  • Have good health and moral character
  • Are willing to accept supervision as well as responsibility
  • Understand and appreciate the work of the school staff

Using the links on the right, please take a look at the Volunteer Handbook in its entirety. Also, all forms needed to volunteer in our schools can be downloaded on the forms link.