Computer Access and Security

  • Login using firstname.lastname
  • Passwords:
    • Use the password triton2019, you will be prompted to change it
    • Please do not write your password down or share it with others
    • Passwords will need to be changed once a year before the start of school
  • Access:
    • Please “Lock” when leaving the room
    • Please “Log Off” all computers at the end of each day. They do not need to be shut down.
    • Log off, DO NOT Lock, the computer if another teacher is using your room
    • Please do not allow students to use a computer that is logged in with a staff account
  • Legal Compliance:

Saving Files

  • Save files to the H Drive or Google Drive
    • Files saved on the desktop or any other location are NOT backed up
    • Network folders can also be accessed through My Computer
    • Files saved in a network folder are accessible from any TRSD networked computer


  • Computers are named and configured for the specific room and purpose they are used for.  Please do not relocate a computer to a different room without Technology staff assistance.
  • Network Printers are configured to the specific port they connect to and will not work if moved.  Please request technology staff assistance if a network printer must be moved or replaced.

Email (Gmail)

  • Go to and click on Resources > Faculty & Staff > Email Login
  • Username is [email protected] and password is the same as computer login
  • For Gmail & Calendar help go to and click on Resources > Faculty & Staff > Gmail/Calendar Help

Help Desk – Report and track technology related issues

  • Accessible from any device connected to the internet by clicking here
  • Log in using your Google Login
  • Log into help desk and open the applicable ticket to view all progress and/or add additional information.
  • If you CANNOT use a computer to enter a ticket, alternatively you can email [email protected]


  • AESOP is an automated substitute placement & absence management system
  • Go to and click on Resources > Faculty & Staff > Aesop Login
  • Login using your home phone number and the password you were given from Central Office (HR)

My Learning Plan

  • My learning Plan is the district’s professional development management system and the District’s teacher evaluation system
  • Go to and click on Resources > Faculty & Staff > My Learning Plan Login
  • Login using your email address and use password changeme

Aspen SIS

  • Apsen (Student Information System)
  • Student attendance, Special Ed (IEPs), Teacher grade book, Family and Student Portals, etc.
  • Extent of use varies by position and school
  • Go to and click on Resources > Faculty & Staff > Aspen SIS Login or click on “Aspen Login” on the main page
  • Use the default password triton2017, you will be prompted to change it

Destiny – Library Database

Curriculum & Instruction Web Resources

  • Atlas Curriculum Mapping ( – Repository for all curriculum maps at Triton
    • Training will be provided as part of the New Teacher Workshops
    • Your login information should have already been emailed to you. If not, contact Teaching and Learning Coordinator Anna Bates at [email protected]
    • If you have difficulty with the system , please speak to your assistant principal or Anna Bates

School Specific Resources – Library & Technology

  • Please see your school Librarian/Media Specialist to find out about school specific resources


Technology & Related Staff

  • Deb Jones: Director of Technology
  • Matt Liacos: District Network Administrator
  • Brett Buckus: Senior District Computer/Network Technician, District Webmaster
  • Jeremy Moynihan: District Computer/Network Technician
  • Julie Warren: Data Specialist
  • Brendan Stokes: Triton Middle School Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Jennifer Jones: Triton High School Digital Literacy Leader/Media Specialist
  • Jennifer Brown: Newbury Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist
  • Julie Stafford: Pine Grove Librarian/Media Specialist
  • Lillian Chalifour: Salisbury Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist