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Google Gmail Introduction

Features and Benefits

Gmail is more than just email. Whether you are sharing an idea for a lesson with your principal, planning a school play with your students, or contacting parents about student progress, you will be able to manage it all quickly and easily on any device with a web browser. Streamlined functionality with other Google Apps such as Drive and Calendar makes exchanging files and planning meetings simpler. Here are some ways Gmail can help you in your classroom.

Staying organized

Gmail was designed to save you time, and includes helpful features to organize all of your messages. With conversation view, messages are grouped by subject, making it easy to see the history of your correspondence. Quickly find messages with built-in Google Search and save searches as filters; i.e. rules to automate message organization based on your criteria.

Mobile email

You can stay connected away from school on tablets and phones with Gmail apps for Android and iOS. Gmail also works from the web browser on any device with an Internet connection. You can be productive even when you do not have connectivity with offline Gmail access.

Works with Google Apps

Students can share their projects with you without worrying about storage limitations with Google Drive integration. Even large video files can be linked directly to a message with a few clicks. You can also preview, download, or save message attachments in your Drive without leaving Gmail.

Gmail Basics

These Gmail Basics lessons will prepare you with a fundamental understanding of Gmail, its key features and general benefits in the classroom. With a basic understanding of Gmail, you can communicate effectively with your colleagues and students, stay organized, and begin to customize your Gmail experience.

You will learn how to:

  • Compose and send messages to parents, students and groups
  • Use labels to organize messages
  • Use Google Hangouts to communicate and collaborate via chat, voice, and video
  • Manage email on the go using your mobile device

To start, review the Basics lessons below and conduct all the activities. It is recommended you have another browser or computer screen available to practice the step-by-step exercises.When you are finished, review the Advanced lessons in this Gmail section to gain a deeper understanding of how to use these tools to impact teaching and learning.

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Gmail Advanced

These Gmail Advanced lessons will cover advanced features of Gmail and prepare you with a deeper understanding of how they can benefit teaching and learning. With a more advanced understanding of these tools, you can begin to explore more ways to communicate effectively, save time, and help students stay on task.

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate Gmail features into daily practice to increase communication and collaboration
  • Use Google Translate to foster global communication
  • Use Google Groups to encourage discussion and reflection
  • Use task lists to manage projects and to-do lists
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for better productivity

To start, review the Advanced lessons below and conduct all activities. It is recommended you have another browser or computer screen available to practice the step-by-step exercises.

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