The teachers and administrators of the Triton Regional School District are committed to the use of effective technological tools to support the educational and administrative requirements of the schools and the district.


It is the mission of the Triton Regional School District to provide our students and staff with equal access to technological tools that encourage life-long learning and promote diverse teaching practices. We believe that technology should be routinely and readily integrated into our curriculum and our school management in ways that enhance, support, and extend the educational process. Technology applications and hardware resources, and technology skills need to be continually updated to be effective 21st century tools in the learning process.



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Director of Technology:

Gregory Kulowiec

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1071

Network Administrator:

Brett Buckus

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1068

Senior IT Technician/Systems:

Jeremy Moynihan

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1077

IT Technician/Help Desk & Webmaster:

Devyn Belanger

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1076

IT Technician/Help Desk:

Pat Kelly

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1079

IT Technician/Help Desk:

Curtis St. Cyr

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1075

Data Specialist:

Susan Prince

[email protected]

(978) 465-2397 x1057