Food & Nutrition Services

Serving Healthy Meals for Healthy Bodies & Minds

Our mission is to provide meals that are delicious and nutritious, are made from high quality products, are reasonably price and have high customer acceptability. Our staff takes pride in their work and is dedicated to providing our students and faculty with a pleasurable lunch time experience.

Our meals are planned to meet the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010’s revised Meal Pattern which consist of: a variety of fruit; larger servings and a wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes (students must take at least one serving of fruit or vegetable with breakfast & lunch); fat-free white or chocolate milk or 1% white milk; more whole grains; less saturated fat; and less sodium ensuring that they are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school.

Information on Offer vs Serve and what constitutes a reimbursable school meal.

What’s New??  We will now serve Gluten-Free meatballs in all our schools when on our lunch menu and GF rolls are available upon request (for those who require a GF diet).  The High School will test pilot a new vegetarian “Nacho Lil’ Bites” lunch.  Middle and High schools have a “Panini Press” Sandwich Station available every Monday “pizza” day.  Students have an option of 2 different sandwiches to get “pressed”!  The “Make It Your Way” Deli-Bar is available daily at the middle and high schools and is available at Newbury Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, and Salisbury Elementary Schools every Tuesday and Thursday.  Students can order a deli sandwich from a variety of breads (including gluten-free), meats, cheeses, and topping options.  In addition to our new items we also offer a daily hot entrée and a variety of alternate options including salads, sandwiches, cheese & cracker boxes, yogurt & cereal parfait, and a bagel & yogurt box.  Fruit, vegetable, and milk are offered with all our meals.  We also have a variety of items on our breakfast menu including a French toast sticks, maple-glazed pancakes, muffins, apple cinnamon rolls, assorted cereals, and more. We hope you enjoy our delicious options!

Pine Grove Elementary School will be implementing a new “Grab-n-Go” breakfast option available everyday in the front lobby.  Don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast in the cafe?  No problem.  Grab a breakfast and go to you classroom and enjoy it there instead!  Don’t start you day on an empty stomach…

We still try to accommodate the special dietary requests of our students and staff when planning our menus. Juice is only offered at breakfast so if your child has a milk/dairy allergy, please contact the food service director to make special beverage arrangements at lunch. A la carte milk, juice, and 8 oz bottled water are available to purchase for $0.60 and 16 oz bottled water is $1.00.

The nutritional information of our meals is available on our menus which are posted on our website monthly.

School meals are a great value and a huge convenience for busy families too!  Breakfast is available daily for only $1.75 for grades K-12 and Lunch is available daily for only $2.85 for grades K-8 and $3.10 for grades 9-12.  Reduced-price breakfast is only $0.30 and lunch is only $0.40 for grades K-12.  After-school snack is $0.80.  Now is a great time to encourage your kids to choose school meals!

As a reminder, all of our cafeteria registers are computerized as part of the Nutrikids Mosaic POS system. All students and staff are assigned a unique ID number which will be entered in at the registers to purchase meals.  Deposits can also be made on-line at  (Please click on the link to create an account).

Thanks again for all your participation and support in our programs.  We look forward to welcoming your children to our cafeteria.

Lucinda Ward, MEd, RD, SNS
Director of Food & Nutrition Services

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

School Nutrition Spotlight

Triton Regional Middle School Breakfast Program received acknowledgement of a 35% increase in participation from October to March in April 2014 from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Learn More.