Goal Statement:

General Education is the door to learning through which all students are expected to enter; it is the goal of the Triton Regional School District to make the general education environment the appropriate placement for all students. The Instructional Support Team (IST) is part of this effort to develop an educational environment, which enhances student learning in the general education setting. This includes the adoption and implementation of the District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) to assist school principals in ensuring that all efforts have been made to meet students’ needs in the general education environment. A strong instructional support intervention system enables school practitioners to identify which aspects of the students’ educational environment must be changed to ensure learning and success in general education.

Things to consider before bringing a student to the Instructional Support Team:

Student Development:

  • Students have different rates and styles of learning
  • Students are diverse in their cognitive, physical, linguistic, social and emotional development
  • Students differ in their current skill level to work and study independently
  • At various times, students experience different reactions and responses to curriculum and instructional task demands
  • Students require different amounts of supervision and instruction

Role of the Instructional Support Team/Process:

The Instructional Support Team (IST) consists of a core of practitioners who provide services to students within each building. The IST members may include: the referral person; a general education teacher; a special education teacher; the principal or assistant principal; the school psychologist; the school nurse; a guidance counselor; the parent/guardian; or any specialist servicing the student, such as Title 1.

The Instructional Support Team meetings are chaired by the assistant principal in each of the five school sites.


  • The IST will meet on a regular basis. (weekly/bi-weekly)
  • The IST discussions should focus on those areas contained in the IST referral form, to be completed by person/team referring the student to the IST. IST referral forms can be obtained from the assistant principal and should be completed with emphasis on accommodations/intervention strategies.
  • After discussion, the IST may recommend continuing the general education program or continuing the general education program with accommodations/instructional support intervention strategies.
  • The accommodations/instructional support intervention strategies will be recorded on the Instructional Support Team Report Form for implementation of the plan.
  • Appropriate accommodations/instructional support intervention strategies should be tried, documented, and analyzed.
  • After a 4 to 6 week implementation period of the recommended accommodations/instructional support intervention strategies, the IST will review the student’s progress and evaluate the success of the accommodations/instructional support intervention strategies. At that time, the need for a referral to special education should be discussed.
  • A copy of all IST referrals and Instructional Support Team Implementation Plans need to be forwarded to the Administrator of Pupil Services for district monitoring.

All Instructional Support Team intervention strategies and accommodations must be completed on district forms.