The Triton Regional School District subcommittees are charged with overseeing various aspects of the district from finances to personnel. View below for meeting times, subcommittee members and duties of each committee.

Finance Subcommittee

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.


    • To receive monthly monitoring reports on revenue, expenditures, and revolving accounts
    • To recommend in-year budget adjustments to committee as necessary
    • To oversee the development of the capital program
    • To receive audit reports
    • To consider matters of a financial nature referred by the School Committeee


Deb Choate

Deb Choate, Chairperson


Policy & Advocacy Subcommittee

Meets as needed for specified purposes, with no standing schedule. (See calendar for specifics)


    • To review and establish policy recommendations


Linda Litcofsky

Linda Litcofsky, Chairperson


Personnel and Negotiations Subcommittee

Meets as needed


  • To take primary responsibility for contract negotiations with bargaining units
  • To determine salary ranges of personnel not part of a bargaining unit and review job descriptions as part of the process
  • To advise the School Committee on hiring to positinos directly controlled by the committee
  • To review proposed evaluation arrangements and make recommendations to the School Committee


Dina Sullivan

 Dina Sullivan, Chairperson


Ad Hoc Committees

Meets as needed


  • Established as necessary by the School Committee to undertake more in depth work of a nature that might require several meetings to prepare recommendations for the full committee.

Please Note

The Superintendent (or his designee) and the Chairperson of the School Committee are members of all sub-committees.