If you are contacting individual School Committee members, please use the individual email addresses below. If you would like to send requests, comments, or concerns to more than one member or the School Committee as a whole, please send messages to [email protected]Messages sent to more than one individual addressee rather than this group address may not receive a response.

Chairperson, Rowley

Ms. Nerissa Wallen

Nerissa currently serves on the Finance Subcommittee.

Nerissa was elected to the School Committee in May 2015 and is currently serving on the Finance Subcommittee.  She was educated in the Triton Regional School system, graduating in 1995.  After time away from the area for college and career, Nerissa returned to Rowley with her husband and two young sons in 2012.  She is active in the Pine Grove School PTA.

Nerissa was elected Chairperson in May, 2018.

Nerissa’s term expires in 2021.

Maureen Heffernan

Vice Chairperson, Newbury

Ms. Maureen Heffernan

Maureen currently serves on the Finance Subcommittee.

Maureen was first appointed to the School Committee in June 2015 to fill a vacant seat. She was then elected in May 2016 for a 3 year term.  She is currently serving as the School Committee Secretary and a member of the Finance Subcommittee. She previously served on the Policy Subcommittee during the 2015-2016 school year.

After moving to Newbury in 2007 from Alexandria Virginia with her husband and three children, Maureen became very involved with the Triton schools. She volunteered her time in classrooms and at PTA events and fundraisers, serving as the NES PTA president (2009-2011), parent representative on hiring committees for NES Principal (2010), NES Assistant Principal (2010) and Chief Academic Officer (2012), NES School Council (2011-2013), TMS School Council (2012) and THS School Council (2013-2015).

Maureen’s term will expire in Spring 2022.

Tina Tzortzis

Secretary, Rowley

Mrs. Tina Tzortzis

Tina currently serves on the Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee.

Tina was elected to School Committee in 2017 as the newest member from Rowley where she lives with her husband and two young sons.

Tina is particularly interested in working with the School Committee to help improve, preserve and promote the best interests of all the District’s Schools. Tina believes that effective communication and community involvement is paramount to the quality of our schools and will work towards establishing an environment where teachers and students can excel. Tina looks forward to serving on the Policy Committee using her experience in leadership and management.

Tina is a local Real Estate Agent and an active member of the Rowley community.

Tina’s term expires in 2020.

Ms. Erin Berger

Erin’s term expires in 2022.

Mr. Paul Goldner

Paul currently serves on the Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee.

Paul Goldner was appointed as a member of the school committee from Newbury, where he lives with his wife and two young children. Paul has spent 12 years on the North Shore as a High School Physics teacher. As a result of his experiences, Paul firmly believes that a school committee devoted to the best interests of all students, working closely with the superintendent to execute a joint vision for the schools, can create a great learning environment. Paul looks forward to helping the schools in the Triton District work towards preparing all students for their futures.

Paul’s term expires in May, 2021.

Caitlin Hunter, Salisbury

Ms. Caitlin Hunter

Mr. Paul Lees

Paul currently serves on the Personnel and Negotiations Subcommittee.

Paul was elected to the School Committee in May 2010.   He presently serves on the Personnel & Negotiations Subcommittee.  He has been involved in the Triton Regional School District since 2003 as a bi-weekly parent classroom volunteer, a member of the 2008 Middle School Task Force which performed an analysis of high performing middle schools, attended the Ferry Beach Fifth Grade Environmental Camp as a Parent Chaperone for three years, from 2008 to 2010. Finally, as a Master of the John T. Heard Masonic Lodge in Ipswich he started and developed their own Masonic Angel Fund in 2009 to provide needed financial assistance to local children for such items as basic clothing, eyeglasses and specialized summer camp programs.

Paul earned a BS in Political Science from Salem State College and received a Juris Doctorate in Law from Western New England College School of Law in 1990. He has been a practicing attorney in Gloucester since 1991.

Paul has been a resident of Rowley for the past 24 years and grew up in Ipswich. Married to Jacqueline V. Lees for 27 years, they have been blessed with three children who all currently attend or have graduated from the Triton schools.

Paul’s term will expire in 2022.

Mrs. Linda Litcofsky

Linda current serves as Chair of the Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee.

Linda was first elected to the School Committee in May 2008 and is currently serving as the chair of the Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee. Her involvement in the Salisbury community started with coaching youth sports from 1994 to 2015, as a softball, baseball, and a cheering coach . She volunteers at Star of the sea church in Salisbury, Our Neighbors’ Table in Amesbury, and she is an active member of the SES PTA.

Linda’s term expires in 2021.

Paul Myette, Newbury

Mr. Paul Myette