Monthly meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month. In addition, there is an additional tentative meeting date that is held for each month to be used if necessary. This tentative meeting is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held in the Library of the Triton Regional High School unless otherwise noted. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Webcasts of Triton School Committee meetings can be viewed at




August 23 Wed. (4th) n/a
September 13 Wed. (2nd) September 27 Wed. (4th)
September 16
Workshop begins at 8AM
Workshop n/a
October 11 Wed. (2nd) October 25 Wed. (4th)
November 8 Wed. (2nd) n/a
December 6 Wed. (1st) n/a


January 3 Wed. (1st) January 24 Wed. (4th)
January 16, 17, 18
Meetings begin at 6PM
January 27
Workshop begins at 8AM
Workshop n/a
February 7
Review Budget
Wed. (1st) n/a
February 14
Tentative Budget
Wed. (2nd)
February 28
Budget Public Hearing
Wed. (4th)
March 7
Budget Deliberation Meeting
Wed. (1st) n/a
March 14
Budget Final Vote
Wed. (2nd) March 28 Wed. (4th)
April 11 Wed. (2nd) April 25 Wed. (4th)
May 16 Wed. (3rd) May 23 Wed. (4th)
June 13 Wed. (2nd) June 27 Wed. (4th)