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The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to meet the demands of state and federal law and to provide guidelines for legal, moral and ethical use of technology by our students and staff. Every user/parent/guardian is required to read and sign the AUP before using the Triton Regional School District system/network. Signing the AUP becomes a legal agreement between the user/parent/guardian and the district.

The Triton Regional School District (TRSD) shall provide access to the system/network and the Internet to all students and staff to facilitate communications and access to information in support of educational goals. Educational goals are defined as activities that provide for education, career and professional development, and high quality research. The system/network will also be used for communication with staff, parents/guardians, students and community members.

Use of the Triton Regional School District system/network is a privilege, not a right, and must support the stated mission, goals, and objectives of the Triton Regional School District. Non-compliance with applicable regulations and procedures may result in suspension or termination of user privileges and other disciplinary actions consistent with the policies of the Triton Regional School District. Violations of law may result in criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the Triton Regional School District.

Monitored Use

Electronic communications and all data including documents, messages and information, transmitted using the TRSD system/network in any manner are the property of the Triton Regional School District and shall not be considered confidential. Copies of all information created, sent, or retrieved may be stored on the District’s back-up files. The District reserves the right to access and monitor all messages and files on the computer system as it deems necessary and appropriate in the ordinary course of its business. When appropriate, communications and data may be disclosed to law enforcement officials or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or receiver.


Triton Regional School District is in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). As required by law, the school district has implemented an Internet filtering mechanism designed to protect minors from unlawful, obscene, or harmful material and situations. The Triton Regional School District shall not be liable for users’ inappropriate use of electronic resources, violations of copyright restrictions, users’ mistakes or negligence, or costs incurred by users. The Regional School District shall not be responsible for ensuring the accuracy or usability of any information found on networks, nor be liable for any loss, or corruption of data resulting while using the system/network.

Administrative Procedures for Implementation

  1. Access to the TRSD system/network will only be granted to staff or students with a signed current TRSD Technology User Agreement on file and permission of their supervisor.
  2. All use of the TRSD system/network must be in support of educational goals as defined in the Purpose section of this document and will be in compliance with all applicable laws and district policies.
  3. All files stored, viewed, or distributed on the TRSD system/network is expected to be in support of educational goals as defined in this document and will be in compliance with all applicable laws and district policies.
  4. All files must be saved to user assigned network folders if future access is desired.
  5. Copyrighted software or data shall not be placed on the TRSD system/network without a district owned license or permission from the holder of the copyright.
  6. All hardware and software to be added to the TRSD network must be approved by the Coordinator of Technology and the building Principal and/or their designee.
  7. All users are expected to be conservative with all TRSD system/network related resources, including but not limited to paper, ink, storage space, and bandwidth.
  8. All TRSD system/network passwords shall expire and need to be changed as required.
  9. Passwords are confidential! All passwords shall be protected by the user and not shared or displayed.
  10. Individual users shall, at all times, be responsible for the proper use of accounts issued in their name.
  11. Commercial use of the TRSD system/network is prohibited.
  12. Pretending to be someone else while using the TRSD system/network is prohibited.
  13. Revealing personal information is prohibited unless specifically authorized by an administrator.
  14. Any activities designed to harass, bully, or defame others are prohibited.
  15. Any malicious attempts to harm, destroy, or vandalize equipment, materials, or data are prohibited.
  16. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance are prohibited.
  17. Deliberate attempts to bypass or turn off TRSD security features are prohibited.
  18. Principals and/or their designee shall be authorized to monitor or examine all data and system/network activities, including documents and electronic mail transmissions, as deemed appropriate to ensure proper use of electronic resources.
  19. Principals and/or their designee will be notified of any violations of the TRSD Acceptable Use Policy.
  20. Principals and/or their designee will be responsible for disseminating and enforcing policies and procedures in their respective building(s).


Access to information all over the world via computer brings with it an availability of material that may not be considered educationally valuable. Though the Triton Regional School District will take all reasonable precautions, it is impossible to control access to all materials and a user may unintentionally discover controversial or objectionable information. TRSD policy affirms that the educational value of access to information and the potential for interaction on the Internet far outweighs the possibility that users may be exposed to materials not consistent with the educational goals of the district. TRSD makes no warranties of any kind for the service it provides. The Triton Regional School District, its member towns, or any district employees will not be liable for damages or injuries resulting from violations of the Acceptable Use Policy or any misuse of the system/network.

Nothing contained herein shall be held or construed to supersede or conflict with or limit the jurisdiction of the United States Government or any of the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the event that any provisions of these rules and regulations are judicially found to be invalid, such decision, invalidity or voidance shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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