Mission Statement

Salisbury Elementary School believes that when all members of the school community are committed to a common set of expectations and values, we will make substantial and significant progress towards those outcomes we want most for our children – Respect, Commitment, Enthusiasm, and Dedication.

About The School

Our Community


Salisbury is a quaint New England seaside town on the northern border of Massachusetts.  Salisbury Elementary School is located on 100 Lafayette Road.  Its phone number is 978-463-5852 and its fax number is 978-463-8149.  The principal is James L. Montanari.  The school has pre-kindergarten classes through sixth grade.  There are approximately 625 students enrolled with the average class being 22 students.  Our students regularly attend Triton Regional Middle School and then onto Triton Regional High School.

Our school is named for the town of Salisbury.  Originally named Colchester, the new settlement was incorporated by the General Court of the Bay Colony as Salisbury on October 7, 1640.  The name of the new settlement is derived from the hometown of Christopher Batt, Henry Bylie and Edmund Batter, Salisbury (old Sarum), England.  Salisbury, England is the home to the world known Stonehenge structure on Salisbury Plains.  Salisbury Elementary School was first occupied in 2000, replacing the Memorial School located on Maple Street.

We have 27.3 classroom teachers, 4.5 special education teachers, 1.5 speech and language pathologists, an adjustment counselor, a reading specialist, a math specialist, an art teacher (.8), a technology teacher, a music teacher (.8), a physical education teacher (.8) and 15 instructional assistants.  Our Title I team consists of a coordinator and 4 teachers and 1 math tutor.   Salisbury also is the home of the District’s A.C.E. (Alternative Classroom Environment) program. The A.C.E. staff consists of a special education teacher, 4 instructional assistants and a social worker.

Our school is fully supported by community, local business and parents.  Our active PTA has monthly meetings.  The School Council meets 6-8 times a year to determine the direction and policy for Salisbury Elementary School.  A range of parents is represented on the council.  Salisbury Elementary School extends parental contact with parent/teacher conferences, academic night, parent newsletters, math family fun night, royal reader, etc.

Salisbury’s extensive 21st Century after school program serves the students, their parents, and our community through ‘explorations’ in the arts, science, technology, literature, math and many other interest areas.  Other unique features of Salisbury Elementary School include Special Education inclusion, Title I funding, a computer lab, student support centers, student council, enrichment programs, a parent center, and pre-kindergarten.

Salisbury Elementary School is a dynamic school, engaged fully in the exciting opportunity of educating all students for achieving now and throughout their lives.