SES visitors from INDIA

UPDATE 2/5/2018

On Monday 2/5/2018,  Ms. Pema Chodin Bhutia returned to SES and made a dynamic presentation to 250 SES students about Sikkim, which is the Himalayan state of India. Wearing her traditional clothing, Ms. Bhutia met with all the 4th, 5th and 6th graders according to their grade levels. Students had an opportunity to watch her Powerpoint, ask her questions about her life in Sikkim and to see handmade items from that region. Ms. Bhutia is an administrator at Taktse International School near Gangtok, Sikkim, India. She is in the USA to study US teaching techniques and strategies . She spent a week at SES in January 2017 and was eager to return to see the staff and students again! This is the 6th consecutive years that educators have visited SES from the Taktse International School in Sikkim, India. We hope the educators from Sikkim will return in 2019. They are hosted by Barbara Oswald and her family in Newburyport, MA. 

SES hosted two teachers from Taktse International School in Sikkim, India this week.The two visitors stayed with Mrs. Oswald for five nights while they visited SES. Ms. Kunzang is a preschool teacher in India and focused on observing and working in Kindergarten and Preschool. Ms. Pema is an administrator in India and focused on learning about the organization and administration of SES. They were so touched by the warm welcome they received from the SES community and had an opportunity to learn about so many things going on at our school: Visits with Mr. Montanari  and Mrs. White,  Collaboration, Lively Letters!, PBIS, PTA, Wilson Reading, Fundations, Responsive Classroom, Nursing services, Social Thinking, WIN , Lunch Bunch, Lunch Group, Kids Inc, Mentoring,  Visiting Authors, Unified Arts, Breakfast and Lunch Program to name a few! They gave a presentation to the entire SES sixth grade on Friday, 1/20, about their school and Sikkim , which is one of the Himalayan states. The sixth grade is studying the Himalayan region at this time.