3Marshall Math

Did you know that by the time students hit third grade, they’ve been skip-counting for so long, they only have 21 multiplication facts left to memorize? Mrs. Marshall’s 3rd Graders participated in a 10-Day, 21 Math Fact Fluency Challenge! Five winners had perfect scores: Ava Johnson, Jake Conroy, Nate Speigel, Joey Shaffaval and Vincenzo Foster! Congrats to them all! Each winner was honored on the classroom poster, along with a certificate and crown. They also received a Prize Store Dime, plus a Friendly’s Ice cream Treat; selected from their very own Mathematician’s Menu!

Many children were very close to a perfect score, so they’ll keep trying! We like to say, ‘if they can memorize a song or poem, a random Minecraft factoid, or Star Wars info., then they can memorize their math facts!’ We know many more will become winners soon!

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