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Early Learning Activities
Intermediate Learning Activities
Long and Short Vowel Activities
Starfall – Word Families – Activities and Stories Short vowel interactive activities
Between the Lions . Pounce! Sound/letter
Between the Lions . Hopposites Short vowel sounds
Between the Lions . Word Play Word meaning
Between the Lions . Alphabet Soup Scrambles words
Picture Match ReadWriteThink- Student Activity
Super Why Key reading skills, including alphabet, word families, spelling and reading comprehension
Clifford Interactive Storybooks Clifford The Big Red Dog: Interactive Storybooks! Phonics fun, games, and stories
General Links
Ferry Beach Ecology School
Time For Kids Time for Kids online Resources
Enchanted Learning Online educational resource for K-12
Weather Bug Weather Bug achieve – student tools
Discovery Education Homework Help for students
Character Traits
Fast Food Research
HTML Color Codes
Keyboard and Mouse Skills
ABCya! Keyboard Challenge Label the keys
ABCya! Find the Technology – Computer Vocabulary Computer device search
ABCya! Technology Vocabulary Slider Puzzle Tech vocabulary puzzle
Dance Mat Typing Students 4-6 fun keyboarding lessons from BBC
Peter’s Online Typing Course Students 3-6 An online course with proper ten-finger touch typing technique.
Touch Typing Lessons/Practice Selection of touch typing lessons
Bubble Typing Practice the keys – Push your typing skills to their limits by playing the popular Bubbles typing game.
Test of Speed and Accuracy Self-evaluation
 Touch Typing Exercises List of many websites in support of Touch Typing and the keyboard
ABCva! Primary Activities Computer activities with mouse maniputlation
Mousing Around: Mousercise! Mouse skills- Early point and click
Popit Point and click mouse skills
ABCya! Take a Trip! Mouse  Coordination Mouse skills
Bees and Honey -click, drag, drop Mouse skills
Berenstain Bears . Games | click, drag, drop Mouse skills
 ABCya! Take a Trip: Food Pyramid
 Mouse Exercises Collection of mouse practice activities
 Big Brown Bear Typing Lessons
 ****DOE – Math****  Massachusetts Department of Education Mathematics Curriculum Framework
Math in Focus resources for grades Kindergarten through five
Holt McDougal Online
Math in Focus resources for grade six
Bitesize Maths Students 3-6 BBC modules focusing on Number, Shapes, Space, Measure and Data Handling
Multiplication.com 1 3-6 Students– interactive games appropriate for students to interact with the times tables.
MultiFlyer – Math Practice multiplication facts in a space adventure
Math Playground Variety of interactive activities
Fun for the Brain -Addition & Subtraction Practice Select the operation – variety of activities with basic facts.
CyberChase Math Games Math activities, problem-solving from PBS Cyberchase
Fun Brain Math Arcade Students 2-8 math activities
Math Game Classroom high-quality educational Math games for grades K-6
Cool Math for Kids Many math and problem solving activities
Sudoku Puzzles Math puzzles
The Maths File Game Show Students 4-6 Math adventures from the
SuperMath Thinking Skills activities
Select Math Select Math – Boston Public Schools virtual manipulativesmath connections for grades 6-8
Harcourt – Multi-Media Math Glossary Harcourt Multi-Media Math Glossary Grades 1-8
Illuminations National Council of Teachers of Mathematics of standards-based materials and resources
Shodor – Interactivate Shodor Interactivate is a set of online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics- activities, lessons, and discussions
Math Cats – Math Explorations 3-6 Students Creative open-ended math explorations.
Gamequarium Resource for interactive math games and instructional videos
Decimals and Fractions Variety of activities on topics
PGS Math Weblinks Numerous resources on Math topics
MultiFlyer – Math
Rainforest Maths
Timeline Maker – autobiograghy
Create a Graph Graphing utility from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Data Picking Tallying – create a frequency table and select graph to show data
Graph – Bugs in the System Cyberchase game – create a bar graph of captured bugs
The Data Bank Research Company Collect data, organize, create graph interpret
Animal Island- BBC BBC Bitesize activity -creating tables and bar graphs
Graph Gremlins Line Graph interpretation and manipulation
Perfect Pies Interpretation and manipulation of pie graphs
Interpreting Data BBC Bitesize Handling Data – Interpreting Data
****DOE – ELA**** Massachusetts Department of Education English Language Arts Curriculum Framework
BBC Literacy Links 1-2 Students BBC literacy activities
Reading Rangers Reading Comprehension adventure
Melvin’s Marvelous Story Use a word wall and help Marvin complete his story.
BBC CBeeies Online Stories BBC early learning
PGS Web Online Story Collection Variety of websites that offer stories
PGS Web Literature and Poetry Links Collection of websites for Literature and Poetry
PGS Web Reading Activities Links Various websites devoted to reading skills
PGS Web Teacher Resources Many resources for teachers
PGS Web Grammar and Writing Collection of resources
Read Write Think Online literacy learning with interactive tools
ELA Games Games to practice Language/Grammar skills – choose grade level
Literacy Zone Grammar and Punctuation Activities to practice and review skills
Online Talking Stories Vast selection of online stories from Woodlands Junior School
Wordle Word clouds from text that you provide
BBC Bitesize Stage KS2 English Modules that work on reading, writing and spelling and grammar skills
 BBC English Activities  Scholastic -Animal Stories -Listen&Read
 The Great Word Quest
*****DOE – Science Framework****  Massachusetts Department of Education Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks
PhET- Build and Atom  -Interactive Simulation  Build an atom out of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and see how the element, charge, and mass change.
Dino Dig Dinosaur fossil digs
Dinosaur Train PBS – Learn Dinosaur Facts
Windows to the Universe Windows to the Universe is a learning system covering the Earth and Space sciences from University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and Regents of the University of Michigan
National Geographic for Kids – Solar System Solar System Journey from Mercury with Tim and Moby. And find out how scientists believe our solar system formed.
Virtual Solar System National Geographic’s Virtual Tour – information and photos of the Sun, Planets and Small Bodies.
Exploratorium’s Observatory The Exploratorium’s Guide to Astronomy Resources – Solar System.
National Geographics for Kids 2-6 Students Games, activities, quizzes, photos, fill-ins from National Geographic
Science Clips BBC Science modules for students 5 – 11
PGS Web Science Topics Collections of websites on Chemistry, Inventions, States of Matter, Simple Machines, Museums, Fossils, Earth Science, Weather, Living Things, Sundials
Squish the Fish Help Squish the Fish travel out across the reef to find his lunch. He needs to find friends who will help him hide from his nemesis, Big Tooth Blob. Learn about shape, color, and behavioral adaptations for survival.
Rocks and Solids Activity Grade 3 BBC science module on properties of rocks.
Foss Guide to Magnitism and Electricity G4 Student – Welcome to the Magnetism and Electricity Module! Investigate the magnets found in a typicalkitchen.Try to pick up metal filings with the electromagnet
Revisewise Science Activities Students 3-6 Science modules from the BBC focusing on Living Things, Materials, and Physical Properties
Science Lab Dr. Sunburner’s lab – follow directions and discover interesting ideas with liquids
BrainPOP – Nutrition USDA American Food Pyramid
Exploring Fossils and the Fossil Record
BBC Fossilisation
Zoom Dinosaur
Dinosaurs Natural History Museum
Break it Down
Mystery Machine
Think Big -Invention Machines
Simple Machines- Museum of Science Chicago
Simple Machines
Power Play
Buster Travel Activities
Letter People Geography  Mr. X has disappeared in one of the 50 U.S. States
Ben’s Guide to the US Government government and how it works
GeoGames GeoGames challenges players to Build Planet Earth and Map Countries and Cities using fun graphics and sound effects on an animated 3D globe.
Reading Maps National Park Service – WebRangers activity
USA Geography Games Sheppard Software educational software and online games
 Mapping Our World  From OxFam – explores the relationship between maps and globes
 Google  Search Engine
 Fact Monster – USA Map  Political Map of 50 States
ABCya Make a Pumpkin
Haunted Alphabet ABCya Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles ABCya Pumpkin Matching
Halloween Hangman ABCya Trick or Treat
Halloween Tic Tac Toe I Spy Library
Halloween Word Search Ghostly Differences
Halloween Concentration ABCya Skeletal System Game
Halloween Coloring Scholastic News – Don’t be Afraid at Bats
Halloween Slider Puzzles Transylmania
Goosebumps Monster Maker Emma a Friend at Hallow’s Eve
Bats Halloween Games
Spiders ABCya Skeletal System Game
Goosebumps Website – Games
Fun with Spot Thanksgiving Games
KOL Learning Activities Thanksgiving Coloring
Welcome to Pilgrim Village Find out what games they played, how they lived, and how they cooked their food.
StarFall Turkey Silly Turkey
Fridge Fun for Kids- Holidays A collection of primary activities for students – some sites have ads
VA Kids Veteran’s Administration student site
Turkey Filbriks Memory game- Find the matching tiles without letting the rows of tiles hit the bottom of the game area.
Thanksgiving Primary Games Variety of activities – puzzles, word searches, color
DLTK’s Thanksgiving Games Variety of activities – puzzles, word games, color
Macy’s Day Parade Find the differences, puzzles
The First Thanksgiving Scholastic Learn how the Pilgrims celebrated
Gingerbread Man Story BBC – CBeebies – Higgledy House
Gingerbread Man 1 BBC – CBeebies -Let It Snow
Gingerbread Man 2 BBC – CBeebies – Balamory –
Snowstorm Game
Gingerbread Man 3 BBC – CBeebies Fun and Games –
Snowflake Skate
Gingerbread Man 4 BBC-CBeebies Snow Race
Gingerbread House BBC CBeebies – Sliding Down the Hill
BBC – CBeebies Christmas Stories Make-a-Flake – A snowflake maker
by Barkley Interactive
BBC – CBeebies Fun and Games – Pingu Three Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzle –
Holidays Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery – JigZone.com  Snowman – Game
Castle Arcana Christmas Cards  Make a Snowman
Christmas Carol – Guinea Pig Theater  Trim a Tree
 Monster Numbers
January / February
Dr. King/Civil Rights ABCya! Keyboard Challenge | Learn the Keys Game
Weather Story Copy the alphabet letters.teaching treasures
A Day in the Snow – Crawford the Cat Growing With Technology
Crawford the Cat Games  Counting Hearts – Valentine’s Day
 Make a Valentine’s -Starfall  Jigsaw Puzzles – Valentine’s Day
 Puzzle – Valentine’s Day  Tic-Tac-Toe – Valentine’s Day
 Easter Activities  Word Search – Valentine’s Day
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