Triton Students Participate in Annual North Shore Mediation Forum

On April 11th, 13 students from Triton participated in the Annual North Shore Mediation Forum in Peabody, MA. Peer Mediators from several Massachusetts schools get together annually to hear a speaker and then participate in workshops focusing on recognizing potential conflict issues and how to effectively resolve them. At these workshops students also learn strategic ways of being good citizens with the sole objective of promoting peaceful environments in their schools.

Increasingly, with each passing year, Triton Peer Mediators have been taking on more prominent roles in the Forums. For example, this year, three of Triton’s officers, Casey Ross, Laura Frackiewicz, and Michael Woodbury were all assigned leadership roles by the Director of the North Shore Mediation Organization, Ms. Anya McDavitt.   Laura opened the Forum with a welcome speech, Casey had the honor of introducing the Key Note Speaker, Ms. Mariah Steele, and both Casey and Michael wrapped up the event by giving closing remarks.  Our Triton students continuously exhibit an impressive level of competence and leadership both inside and outside of school, thus making them outstanding among their peers from other schools in the region!

Intra-District Math Meet

Last week students from Newbury, Pine Grove, and Salisbury elementary schools faced-off in the first math meet of the year. Students’ math skills were put to the test by eight individual questions, followed by a multipart team question.

The team from Salisbury Elementary earned the highest score of the day, defeating Newbury Elementary by one point. High scores for each school were earned by: Hunter Parrott (SES), Theo Norledge (NES), and Ben Nicholas, Kate Trojan, and Sofia Siminoff (PGS). Teams from the three schools will face-off again at Pine Grove Elementary on May 1st.

Teams prepare for these math meets by practicing once a week with their school’s coach. This enrichment activity is made possible thanks to the dedication of Ms. Chiasson (NES 6th grade math teacher), Ms. Blaney (PGS Math Specialist), and Ms. Comins (SES Math Specialist). The overall program is coordinated by Ms. Paige, the Math Specialist at Newbury Elementary.

Triton Students Advance to State Science Fair

SEF Photo 1This weekend ten Triton students competed at the Region IV Massachusetts Middle School Science and Engineering Fair at Lowell High School; Of the 239 students that participated in Regionals, 40 were selected to move on to the States Championships, seven of those from Triton!






Kiefer Callewaert


Is This Radio Active?


Alden Giedraitis


Introduction to Autonomous Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


Skyler Tucker


Solar Panels Times Two for Free


Griffin Fogarty


Go Fish!


Lily Fullford


The Right Light for Plants


Travis Tkaczek


What is the Most Effective Way to stop Beach Erosion?

Special Recognition Award

Arianna Stevens


Purple Sugar

These students have been working diligently on their projects since December. Coached by Nancy Nicholson (NES) and Paige Ribaudo-Smith (TMS), these students will now prepare for the state finals at Worcester Technical High School in June. While not advancing to the finals, Glory Trelfa, Lee Dalzell III, and Benjamin Mulry also represented Triton with distinction at the regional fair.


The Massachusetts Middle School Science & Engineering Fair is a forum for students in grades 6-8 to explore “real world” science and engineering discovery through hands-on experience. Students also learn about the many exciting and emerging fields of science and technology today, building important life skills– from reading, writing and math to communications, teamwork and design.

Triton Students Learn with State-of-the-Art 3D Printer

Did you know that the Triton High School Robotics team, led by Kathy Norton, has a 3D printer in their lab? If you haven’t seen one in action, check it out on YouTube (

– it’s a pretty amazing machine. The Robotics team requested the printer last fall to accommodate the building of parts for their competitions. Funds were made available through the 21st Century Grant program, and the printer was purchased in October. The printer allows students to apply what they have learned in engineering technology classes, as well as math and science classes to real-world engineering design format. Students begin working with the printer by copying projects from predesigned templates. However, it is the goal of the department to have students design and develop items using the software and printer that would solve real life problems. “Triton students have a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to Engineering in high school,” said Technology Teacher, Jim Galante. “The skills that they are learning with the technology we are able to offer will help to prepare them for college and a career in the field of Engineering and/or Engineering Technology.”

3D Printer1

Students Participate in Middle School Science Fair

On April 2nd, twenty-six 6-8th graders participated in the 2013-14 Triton Science & Engineering Fair in the High School Library. Judges and visitors were presented with a wide variety of interesting and creative exhibitions on topics ranging from environmental issues to human anatomy to physics experiments. Top honors were given to the following students:

Overall 1st Place: Skyler Tucker – Solar Panels Times Two for Free
Overall 2nd Place: Lily Fullford – The Right Light for Plants
Overall 3rd Place (tie): Benjamin Mulry – Organic VS Chemical Fertilizer
Griffen Fogarty – Go Fish!
Overall Honorable Mention: Arianna Stevens – Purple Sugar
TMS 1st Place: Alden Gierdratis – Introduction to Autonomous Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
SES 1st Place: Nick Lindley – Balloon Hovercraft
PGS 1st Place: S. Lee Dalzell III – What is the Best Laundry Detergent
NES 1st Place: Kiefer Callewaert – Is This Radio Active?

Judges included:

Brian Forget, Assistant Superintendent
Kimberly Croteau, Chief Academic Officer
Christopher Walsh, Manager of Facilities and Grounds
Chris Astuccio, TMS teacher
Shirley Faulkner, TMS teacher
Thomas Anderson, TMS teacher
Jeffrey Sheppard, TMS teacher
Kathy Norton, Math Program Coordinator and HS Teacher
Jim Galante, HS Engineering teacher

Participation in the Science Fair is voluntary and is offered as an after-school program to students with a passion for science who are looking to further explore their world. Selected winners, along with Travis Tkaczek and Glory Trelfa, will be representing Triton at the Regional Science Fair this Saturday, April 12th, where they will have the opportunity to move on to the State Fair in June. Congratulations and good luck!

Science Fair 5 Science Fair 3

Triton Students Receive 1st Place in Annual Banking Bowl


Perhaps you already knew that the Institution for Savings has a branch in Triton Regional High School. But did you know that besides offering a convenient way for staff and students to do their banking, it also offers a Banking Internship Program supervised by HS business teacher Richard Fisher where students gain practical experience in the bank? Recently, several students who are enrolled in the program were selected to compete at the Massachusetts School Bank Association Spring Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. At the conference, school banks from the entire state of Massachusetts gather and compete in three competitions: The Banking Bowl, which requires groups of up to 5 students from each school to participate in a game of Banking Trivia; a Marketing competition; and a Product Development Competition. We are pleased to announce that the 4 students from Triton who participated in the Banking Bowl won first place among approximately 26 other teams! Congratulations and great work to Taylor Paquette, Jackie Gordon, Curran Callewaert and Ryan Phipps!

Upcoming Institution for Savings Events: Credit for Life Fair – Tuesday, April 8th – The Credit for Life Fair is a nationally recognized program designed to help high school students develop personal financial management skills that they will use throughout their lives. This interactive half-day event provides 11th grade students with various scenarios in which they must make budgetary decisions. At the conclusion of the fair, each student will visit the Credit Counseling Booth where they will check their “credit” and determine whether they made wise decisions regarding their money.

Pine Grove Students Art Display at Rowley Public Library


Pine Grove students in grades 1-6 will have their artwork displayed at the Rowley Public Library this month.  The students created doodles for the Doodle4Google contest that is posted each year on their website (  This year’s theme was “If I could invent one thing to change the world, I would…” Students could choose whether or not to enter the national competition, and some chose to participate in the schoolwide contest, as well. Art teacher Jen Dubis will be choosing three winners from each grade level to win a his/her art printed on either a keychain, magnet or sketchbook/notebook! To raise funds for the prizes, Jen raffled off some of her original drawings!

googleart1 googleart2

NES Teacher, Alicia Chiasson, to be Filmed for DESE

Alicia Chiasson teaches sixth graders at Newbury Elementary School. Her interest in Mathematics led her to join a group of teachers who collaborated to develop new units of study aligned with the new Common Core curriculum under the auspices of the state Department of Education. Alicia’s contribution impressed the state so much that on Thursday, April 3rd it will be sending videographers to Newbury ES to film Alicia working with her students, teaching Ratios and Rates.  The video will be posted on the DESE website as part of the Model Curriculum Unit program, so that teachers across the state can see the unit in a real-world classroom.