Students inducted into Foreign Language National Honor Society

Congratulations to the nineteen students who were recently inducted into the Triton High School Foreign Language Honor Society, Triton High School’s Chapters of the Société Honoraire de Français and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica:

Juniors inducted in 2018:

Société Honoraire de Français

Abigail Densmore
Jacqueline Downs
Lillian Fullford
Allie Hawkes
Samantha Kennedy
Ainsley Marsh
Sophie Proctor
Abigail Wing

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Carisa Boyle
Ashleigh Cheshire
Evelyn Densmore
Elizabeth Eliot
Lindsey Gardella
Isabella Lesinski
Elisabeth Lindholm
Tirth Patel
Rachel Phillips
Caitlyn Rooney
Sophia Simeone


Membership in this organization, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, is the highest honor for secondary students of foreign language in the country. These honor societies offer students a variety of scholarships, travel awards and other opportunities, such as writing contests and the opportunity to serve in leadership roles in directing chapter events.

The aim of the society is to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward excellence in the highest level of instruction of Foreign Language at Triton High School and to provide a service to the school and community. The Triton advisors to the society are Mrs. Regina Symonds for French and Dr. Eben Williams for Spanish. The organization’s goal is to stimulate interest in the study of foreign language, global learning and diplomacy, and to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of foreign cultures and civilization, to promote and perpetuate international friendship and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the International world.

The inductees were honored at a multilingual “transmission of the torch” induction ceremony in the school library on Thursday evening, April 12th, 2018 by current FLHS members of the graduating class of 2018, and by the Society’s Officers.  Opening the ceremony were Superintendent Forget and Principal Ruggere, who stressed the academic achievements of the new inductees and current members: all are currently enrolled in a foreign language course, have a minimum 90 percent cumulative average of all foreign language courses taken from ninth grade to the present, have an 83 percent cumulative average and have a behavioral record free from suspension, instances of academic dishonesty and/or a pattern of inappropriate behavior.  

“As a member of the Triton Regional High School Chapter, I promise to devote myself to the study of the French and Spanish language/s in order to master them. Someday, remembering that a language can be a strong tie between persons of differing origins of race or religion. As a citizen of my country, I promise to promote friendship and understanding between the United States and the other lands of the world. This is my promise and my oath.”

Ryan Lattig & Kyle Odoy Recognized

We would like to recognize and congratulate our most recent Students of the Month, Ryan Lattig and Kyle Odoy.

Ryan Lattig, a member of Triton’s class of 2020, was nominated by high school English teacher Erin Dempsey and acknowledged by the School Committee in November. Ms. Dempsey described Ryan as a student for whom concepts did not come easily, but through hard work and determination became one of her top students and a true Triton success story.

Kyle Odoy was the Committee’s January Student of the Month. Kyle, a current Junior, was nominated by Shawn Devenish. Kyle is a member of the National Honor Society and is a three-sport athlete, holding the honor of being named captain of the football team as a junior this past fall. Mr. Devenish stated, “Not only is Kyle involved all over the school, he shows great character and respect to staff and fellow students. Kyle is a great example of the mission that Triton has for its students.”

Congratulations to these two students!

Student of the Month

Ryan with Erin Dempsey, Cheryl Wotton, and Melissa Janvrin

Student of the  Month

Kyle with members of the staff and school committee.

MLK Day of Service

Students Participate in MLK Day of Service Activities

As we continue our district wide year of service at Triton, and we approach our next National Day of Service, MLK Day, our students are involved in a variety of service projects to remember and serve.  Here’s what’s happening around the district:

Salisbury Elementary School is running a “Toiletry” drive and will be creating hygiene gift totes to donate to the Pettengill House.  Any donations from our greater community will be happily accepted at SES or at Central Office in the high school.

Pine Grove School is holding a “Book Drive” to collect new or gently loved books to create book totes which will be donated to local community partners to increase literacy and home libraries.  Community donations can be brought to PGS or to Central Office in the high school.

TMS student council is creating “Birthday Bags” full of decorations and party supplies to give to families at Pettengill House so that children there will feel extra special on their birthdays. The middle school drive for requested donations will run this week. Our middle school art classes, high school students with special needs and other student volunteers, as well as the Kid’s Club at NES are helping to decorate these special bags.

THS is taking on a large scale project based on financial literacy.  All math classes are focusing on different financial literacy topics and will be creating a public awareness financial literacy booklet from their studies. The booklet will then be published and distributed to our greater community.  We thank Salem Five and the Bureau for Consumer Protection for partnering on this project with us.

We are excited to share pictures in the coming weeks of these great projects!  Stay tuned!

Thank you to our grant funding partners: Youth Service America @youthserviceamerica, The Charles Mott Foundation @mottfoundation, and CNCS @nationalservice.

Triton PTA’s Awarded Outstanding School Partner Award

The three Triton elementary school PTA’s have recently been recognized by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees with an Outstanding School Partner Award for 2019. The PTAs have a long history of successfully supporting each of their schools with events, programming, and donations, however they did so separately within their school communities, each with their own culture and priorities.

What made 2019 even more special is that for the first time the three PTA’s came together to create a campaign called “#TritonKind, A Random Act of Kindness Campaign” to encourage the ENTIRE Triton Regional community across all three towns to participate in random acts of kindness.  From collecting food donations for food pantries, to leaving anonymous notes to brighten a stranger’s day, the community watched as kindness grew within the district.  The campaign culminated in two major events that involved all five schools in the district – a Random Acts of Kindness week in February and a “Kindness Rocks!” event in June.

Together with MASC, we applaud the efforts that our three PTAs put into uniting and channeling their creativity and energy into one campaign which benefitted the entire district. We are so lucky to have their support and congratulate them on this acknowledgement of their efforts.

Triton PTAs accept award

Jennifer Roketenetz, SES PTA President, Liz Sforza, NES PTA President, and Sara Spaulding, PGS PTA Treasurer joined by other members of the PTAs officially accept the award,


Triton HS Students Get a Taste of Accounting as a Career at Conference Hosted by the MSCPA

Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants Hosts Six Students Interested in the Profession at Merrimack College

BOSTON, MA—December 5, 2019—The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSCPA), the professional association of CPAs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, recently previewed what an accounting career future would look like for 91 students, including six students from Triton High School at its “Is Accounting for Me?” conference at Merrimack College on November 22.

The conference included interactive accounting exercises and workshops, discussions about accounting careers and CPA services, information about college programs and student life and a networking lunch. Students heard from CPAs about their jobs and spoke with college accounting majors about their coursework and experience. They also took part in an accounting-based case study competition focusing on personal finances.

Amy Pitter, president and CEO of the MSCPA, said these programs are crucial in building and sustaining a pipeline of young people interested and passionate about the profession.

“Today’s event is the first step in what could be a very exciting and fulfilling career in accounting for these young people,” said Pitter. “Our organization wants to introduce as many students as possible to the many benefits of working as a certified public accountant. The industry is ready and hungry for the next generation.”

Teachers selected the students in attendance based on their aptitude for accounting.

The following seniors from Triton High School attended the event:

Kaia Cohen
Jack Crocker
Bradford Killion
Joseph Luciano
Benjamin Smith
Jack Sullivan

For more information about MSCPA’s outreach to aspiring CPAs and resources for high school and college students, visit

About the Massachusetts Society of CPAs
The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants, Inc. is the state’s professional association of certified public accountants, representing over 11,000 members in public accounting practice, industry and business, government and education. The Society works to develop and maintain high professional standards and offers a wide array of legislative, technical and referral services to its members.

MSCPA Conference

From left to right: Jack Crocker, Jack Sullivan, Benjamin Smith, Joseph Luciano, Bradford Killion, Kaia Cohen


Triton Robotics Team Finds Success!

The Triton High School Robotics team competed at the WPI robotics tournament last weekend. All four team’s robots qualified and made it to the semi-finals in the competition. These students are an incredible group of individuals and future engineers! Congratulations!

They are: Gaius Cremin, Adrianna Deeb, Ivy Huang, Tyler Godfrey, Sam Bell, Ross Lyon, Colin Pearson, Sam Nicholson, Matt Lyon, Zach Godfrey, Nate Ewell, Migel Gandet, Eric Buczala, and Jonah Burd
Advisor: Kathy Norton

Triton Robotics Team

An array of fruits and vegetables

Expanding Students’ Produce Palates One Fruit and Vegetable at a Time…!

Salisbury Elementary School was awarded the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program Grant for School Year 2019-20!  The foods being sampled are showcased on the “Farm Stand” board located in the café.

September 24, 2019 was the start of students at SES being exposed to a variety of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables in school as a result of this FFVP grant.  Small samples are passed out to the classrooms twice a week along with “Food Facts” explaining what the food is, where it comes from, and health benefits of eating it.  Some of the foods being sampled are not typically part of the School Breakfast or School Lunch Programs due to the cost.  To date, SES students have sampled peaches, corn on the cob, kumquats, colorful cherry tomatoes, golden kiwi, celery, blueberries, cauliflower, Asian pears, beets, honeydew melon, and colorful carrots.  Looking ahead to November, they will try red and purple plums, butternut squash, green grapes, red peppers, dragon fruit, kale and apples.  Students, parents, and staff feel this program has been quite a success!  Going to the produce section of the grocery store or farmer markets has a whole new meaning.  Students are now able to identify the many foods they are exposed to in school as a result of this program making it not only tasty but educational.  This grant also complements our Wellness Policy in creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and overall well-being.  Many of the foods are being procured from local MA farms making this program a win-win for everyone!

Monthly menus and fact sheets are posted on the district website under “Food Services; Menus & Memos.”

Happy Munching!  ~ Lucinda Ward, MEd, RD, SNS, Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Student of the Month – Emily Meatty

The Triton School Committee recognized their first Student of the Month for the 2019/2020 School Year at their meeting on October 16th. Congratulations to senior Emily Meatty who was nominated by the entire staff of the REACH program at the high school.

Emily has faced a variety of obstacles over her 17 years but hasn’t let any of them hold her back. Rather than use any of her challenges as an excuse to fall behind, Emily has worked very hard so that she can graduate with her peers this spring. Not only will she graduate, but she was also an honor roll student all last year, even winning the end-of-the-year award for her English class. “Emily is a rock star and a true example of hard work, fortitude, commitment and dedication to graduate from high school,” said Lenora Swerling, Evaluation Team Chairperson. 
While students often struggle to determine their path after high school, Emily already has a plan. She will be attending Northern Essex Community College, will be starting her own dog walking business, and eventually hopes to own a doggy day are.  “Emily is one of the most resourceful and hard-working people I know who does not take ‘no’ for an answer,” said Triton teacher Joshua Noble. “In a time when many criticize this generation for not working hard, Emily is an exception.” Congratulations, Emily! We can’t wait to see how your future unfolds.
Student of the Month

Salisbury Representative Needed

Salisbury Community Members,

The Triton Regional School Committee is responsible for appointing our towns’ representatives to the Whittier Regional Vocational Technical School Committee. We were recently notified that the Salisbury seat is up for appointment due to a resignation, and effective as soon as a replacement can be appointed. The seat would be for the balance of the 3 year term, which expires in March 31, 2022, and the candidates must be a registered voter in the Town of Salisbury.

More information about the Whittier Regional Vocational Technical School Committee, including the upcoming meeting schedule, can be found at

If you are interested in applying for this seat, please submit a short letter of interest by mail to Triton Regional School Committee, 112 Elm Street, Byfield, MA 01922 or by email to [email protected] by October 31, 2019.

The Triton Regional School Committee will discuss and vote on the appointments at its meeting on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM.


Nerissa Wallen
Triton Regional School Committee
Standardized Testing

Triton’s 2019 State Accountability Data Released – Growth & Progress

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) released the 2019 Accountability Ratings for all public schools and districts yesterday, Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Now in the second year of the revised accountability structure, the ratings clarify two major components; whether or not a district as a whole and each school individually is in need of assistance from the state, as well as noting the reasoning for that rating. The assessment has also morphed in recent years to its current version, ‘MCAS 2.0’, a test taken entirely online at all grade levels and aligned with the current state standards. With changes to testing formats and the increasing rigor of new standards, this has become more a more challenging measure, particularly at the 10th grade level where a passing score is required for a student to graduate. As a district, the Triton Schools have been found to not require assistance, and that is due to the substantial progress made towards the improvement goals established by the state.

The aggregate results of the MCAS will be presented in further detail to the School Committee on October 16th along with more information on the accountability standing. Each of the five district schools, including Newbury Elementary, Pine Grove, Salisbury Elementary, Triton Middle, and Triton High School made substantial growth towards improvement goals established through the accountability formula. “This is the result of consistent and deliberate decisions and efforts being made by educators, administrators, the School Committee and our communities as we look towards continuous improvement for our students,” noted Brian Forget, Triton’s Superintendent. Newbury Elementary School is to be further commended as they join an elite group of only 67 out of the 1,845 schools across the entire state to be named a 2019 School Of Recognition for their high growth in student performance. More details on district performance will be outlined during the October 16th presentation.

The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education has signaled their understanding of the shortcomings of the state accountability system in recent years, and have made changes to better align with the reality of 21st century learning. While the system is governed by Federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act, the state does have some leeway in its implementation. “As I have routinely said, this is a single measure of our performance as a school or district, though the system has evolved and become a more accurate indicator of our overall performance in recent years,” Forget said. However, he remains hopeful that the system for holding schools accountable will continue to morph and include other measures that cannot  be captured by a single test. “We obviously have many positive programs and opportunities for our students that cannot be measured by the current system, but everyone should be proud and pleased with the progress we have made.”

Parents can expect to see their child(ren)’s MCAS results report by mail later in October, and we will confirm an exact date shortly. In addition, DESE publishes School and District Report Cards on their website that provide a clear and concise snapshot of the performance for subgroups and in the aggregate, along with other contributing factors for determinations. These report cards are usually published around the winter holidays, and information will be sent home to families once those are posted online with links to these reports added to the district website.

Fruits and Vegetables

SES Fruit & Vegetable Program