Students inducted into Foreign Language National Honor Society

Congratulations to the nineteen students who were recently inducted into the Triton High School Foreign Language Honor Society, Triton High School’s Chapters of the Société Honoraire de Français and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica:

Juniors inducted in 2018:

Société Honoraire de Français

Abigail Densmore
Jacqueline Downs
Lillian Fullford
Allie Hawkes
Samantha Kennedy
Ainsley Marsh
Sophie Proctor
Abigail Wing

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Carisa Boyle
Ashleigh Cheshire
Evelyn Densmore
Elizabeth Eliot
Lindsey Gardella
Isabella Lesinski
Elisabeth Lindholm
Tirth Patel
Rachel Phillips
Caitlyn Rooney
Sophia Simeone


Membership in this organization, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, is the highest honor for secondary students of foreign language in the country. These honor societies offer students a variety of scholarships, travel awards and other opportunities, such as writing contests and the opportunity to serve in leadership roles in directing chapter events.

The aim of the society is to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward excellence in the highest level of instruction of Foreign Language at Triton High School and to provide a service to the school and community. The Triton advisors to the society are Mrs. Regina Symonds for French and Dr. Eben Williams for Spanish. The organization’s goal is to stimulate interest in the study of foreign language, global learning and diplomacy, and to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of foreign cultures and civilization, to promote and perpetuate international friendship and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the International world.

The inductees were honored at a multilingual “transmission of the torch” induction ceremony in the school library on Thursday evening, April 12th, 2018 by current FLHS members of the graduating class of 2018, and by the Society’s Officers.  Opening the ceremony were Superintendent Forget and Principal Ruggere, who stressed the academic achievements of the new inductees and current members: all are currently enrolled in a foreign language course, have a minimum 90 percent cumulative average of all foreign language courses taken from ninth grade to the present, have an 83 percent cumulative average and have a behavioral record free from suspension, instances of academic dishonesty and/or a pattern of inappropriate behavior.  

“As a member of the Triton Regional High School Chapter, I promise to devote myself to the study of the French and Spanish language/s in order to master them. Someday, remembering that a language can be a strong tie between persons of differing origins of race or religion. As a citizen of my country, I promise to promote friendship and understanding between the United States and the other lands of the world. This is my promise and my oath.”

Student of the Month – Devin Parsons

Senior Devin Parsons had two reasons to celebrate on Tuesday evening. Not only was it his 18th birthday, but he was also named Student of the Month by the Triton School Committee. Devin was chosen because of his tireless effort in school, his leadership qualities, both in the classroom and on the baseball field, his work ethic, and his positivity.  “He consistently strives to become the best student, athlete and young man possible,” noted Academic Support Program teacher, Carla Wagner. “He sets a goal and then does anything to make it a reality. He has demonstrated his ability to persevere through difficulty, commit to his future and achieve anything he sets his mind to accomplish.”  He is incredibly devoted to his family, and strives to make them, his friends, teachers and team proud of him.  Devin, it appears that you have accomplished just that! Good luck at New England College next year. You have been a true asset to the Triton community, and we know your future will be bright!

Devin Parsons

Student of the Month and Captain of his team, Devin Parsons with the Triton Baseball Team

Community Service

Celebrating Triton’s Community Service Group

There is no question that today’s high school students are busy.  Between schoolwork, sports, extracurricular activities, club commitments and after school jobs there would hardly seem to be enough time to see friends and family let alone volunteer to do more.  However, that’s exactly what approximately 80 high school students do every year.  They are part of the Community Service Group at Triton; a club specifically dedicated to serving their community by volunteering for approximately 34 different events throughout the year.  Each student volunteers for a minimum of 2 events per quarter of the school year.  These events include:  The Special Olympics at Governor’s Academy,  the Ovarian Cancer Awareness 5K, Great Chef’s Night in Salisbury, The Sea Festival of Trees, and so many more. The list of 34 events doesn’t even take into account the smaller one-off occasions like sorting books at town libraries and providing child care for town meetings.

One might assume that there must be something in it for them – class credits perhaps?  Special privileges at the school?  Not at all. These students participate simply because they feel it is the right thing to do and they enjoy giving back to their community.  To this we say “Bravo!”  This group of students exemplifies the character and spirit that not only makes a difference in our towns, but eventually, as they venture beyond Triton – make a difference in our world.  If you see these students, be sure to say THANK YOU for making a difference!

Triton Community Service Group Volunteering with Santa Salvation Army Bell Ringing Holiday Tea Triton Community Service Group

Connor Beevers Jack Niska
Michael Beevers Jocelyn Noyes
Robert Bouley Kyle Odoy
Nicole Boyington Juliana Orlandi
Jonah Burd Eve Paicos
Sarah Burd Fay Paicos
Felicia Cardillo Hunter Parrott
Avarey Caron Tirth Patel
Emily Colby Madeline Pfingst
John D’Eufemia Rachel Phillips
Patrick D’Eufemia Shayla Piaseczynski
Riley Daniels Grace Poster
Adrianna Deeb Kerry Power
Sophia Dixon Elizabeth Protopapas
Matthew Egan Samantha Protopapas
Alexandra Flodman Katherine Quigley
Ava Ford Isabelle Reiniger
Jordan Frasca Robert Richenburg
Linda Freeman Keegan Ritchie
Farrah Gabrian Nicholas Ritchie
Aidan Gay-Killeen Olivia Ritchie
Ellie Gay-Killeen Isabella Savino
Tyler Godfrey Bridget Sheehan
Daniel Groder Taylor Shorey
Sarah Harrington Ashley Silva
Emelia Hight Sophia Simeone
Ivy Huang Sophia Siy
Sydney Johnson Ashlyn Smith
Bradford Killion Benjamin Smith
Cael Kohan Josephine Smith
Connor Kohan Savannah Soule
Isabella Lesinski James Tatro
Zachary Liebert Katherine Taylor
Brady Lindholm Ella Thompson
Elisabeth Lindholm Laney Towle
Ryan Lindholm Kathryn Trojan
Kylie Lorenzo Nicole Trotta
Katherine Mailhoit Claudia Umanita
Andrew Masher Ella Visconti
Colleen McCarthy Paige Volpone
Gabriella McKendry Emily Wood

School Lunch Hero Day!

Triton Super_Lunch_Heroes_2019

MS-HS Kitchen Staff NES Kitchen Staff PGS Kitchen Staff 1 PGS Kitchen Staff 2 SES Kitchen Staff

Triton Viking

Vocational Job Fair Success!

substance use

“In Plain Sight” – May 13th, 6:30-8:30pm

In Plain Sight Flyer

Our Neighbors’ Table’s Summer Lunch

2019 SLP poster
Student of the Month

Student of the Month – Mia Dupuis

Earlier this week, the Triton School Committee was pleased to announce this month’s Student of the Month, Pine Grove 5th grader, Mia Dupuis.

The adjectives her teacher, Elyse Earls, used to characterize Mia are many and read like the description of a model student: well-rounded; dedicated; determined; honest; hard-working; committed to learning. She is described as “a model peer and friend” who “helps her peers work through difficulties, and praises them on their successes.” She is known for her voracious thirst for knowing, doing and being more, always reaching to be better even if she has already exceeded expectations. The Triton community is proud to celebrate Mia this month and we look forward to watching her future, which will undoubtedly be bright, unfold. Congratulations, Mia!

Student of the Month - Mia Dupuis

We can be heroes just for one day

Every Day Hero Celebrated

Many times in life, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. It’s important to recognize those people who step up, often without being asked, to make life a little bit brighter for those around them. They are our Every Day Heroes, and they are worth celebrating. Today we say a special thanks to Mayson Rodrigues for his contribution to our community.
A new student registered at the high school recently whose primary language is Portuguese. We ran into a bit of a challenge to effectively translate for this student on short notice. In the meantime, someone mentioned that one of our students, Mayson, speaks Portuguese. Mayson quickly agreed to volunteer his time to help communicate with the new student and her family to help get her registered, and has offered to continue to help as this new student transitions to Triton. Thank you, Mayson, for being an Every Day Hero to those around you!

Budget Drop In Sessions – Evening Dates Added

Good Afternoon,

As you may remember, an initial round of informal ‘drop in’ budget meetings were scheduled early in March, prior to the School Committee voting a final budget on March 13th. These sessions had no specific format or agenda, but gave an opportunity for anyone from our communities to come and ask questions about our current budget, or spending on education overall. These were scheduled during the day at each town’s public library in an attempt to offer a different time and venue, as the vast majority of our budget meetings occur in the evening at the high school or in town halls. Those who did attend the meetings shared that the opportunity for informal discussion was helpful and should be repeated. Further, there were several who shared that they could not make a daytime meeting, but would like to attend an evening session.

To that end, we have scheduled another round of these drop in meetings in each town in April and May, prior to that town’s Annual Town Meeting. We have reserved the space from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, but since there is no formal presentation, please feel free to drop in at any time during that window to join the discussion.

  • Newbury Public Library – Monday, April 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM  :  Facebook Event
  • Rowley Public Library – Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 6:00 PM  :  Facebook Event
  • Salisbury Public Library – Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 6:00 PM  :  Facebook Event
If you have any questions about these sessions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I will be in attendance along with Michelle Cresta, our School Business Administrator and several School Committee members. I look forward to a conversation about our schools and the funding challenges we face as we strive to remain a district that meets the needs and challenges all students!


Stock Market

Triton Boasts Winners in DECA Inc. Stock Market Game

Following last year’s win in the Massachusetts Stock Market Game, now Junior Joseph Luciano has achieved first place in the DECA Stock Market Game! He and fellow Junior Benjamin Smith, who attained an impressive 13th place, will be headed to Florida to participate in the Stock Market Game at the 2019 DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando, Florida next month. While there, the students will defend their investment decisions with a 10-page written document describing their stock market investing project along with a 15-minute oral presentation.

The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of economics, investing and personal finance.  Achievement in the game is based on real companies and the actual stock prices of those companies. Students receive a “virtual” $100,000 to invest in the stocks of real companies of their choice, and gain earnings based on actual company stock performance.

Joe and Ben participated in the DECA Stock Market Game in the North Atlantic region which included 1,165 participants from the following regions: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, District of Colombia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Ontario Canada, and Germany.

In this year’s DECA Stock Market Game Competition, Joe achieved $88,956 in realized gains in approximately 3 months’ time.

Congratulations, gentlemen! We see a bright future ahead for you both!