2014 – 2015 Triton High School Student Handbook. Please read and review the Student Handbook as it covers core values, beliefs and learning expectations for students attending Triton HS.

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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

     Your son and/or daughter have been given a planner (an Agenda Notebook) to help him/her stay more organized and perform well in school subjects. This planner is meant to be used regularly throughout the year to:  

  1. record all of their homework on the date due and complete it on time.
  2. show a parent/guardian their planner and keep them informed.
  3. use their planners to record their appointments/sports schedules/work schedules on the monthly calendar pages.

The Agenda Notebook has been a great tool for students over the years and we hope your child will make use of this tool during this school year.  

Students can use their planners according to the onTRAC planning process, found on pages 2 – 5 in their planner.  This simple process follows four steps to Think, Record, Act, and Check.  This onTRAC guide will help them be better organized and manage their time and homework more effectively.

Thanks for your help in working with us as help your students achieve their personal best.