In the fall of 2015, Triton Regional School District adopted and implemented the Math in Focus®: Singapore Math program in grades kindergarten through eighth.  Besides traditional books, the program has numerous online resources for students, parents, and teachers.  These resources include access to virtual manipulatives, interactivities, background videos, and access to student textbooks and workbooks.  Please use the links and login information below to access these resources.

Math in Focus Videos for Parents

The links below will give parents background information on every chapter of every grade level.  These videos are meant to help parents support their children at home.

Kindergarten Mif Videos

First Grade MiF Videos

Second Grade MiF Videos

Third Grade MiF Videos

Fourth Grade MiF Videos

Fifth Grade MiF Videos


Additional Math in Focus Resources for Parents

Additional Math in Focus resources can be accessed by logging into the Math in Focus website. Please follow the directions below to access the Think Central/Math in Focus website.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the drop down arrows to select

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

District: Triton Regional Sch District, Byfield 01922

School:  Newbury Elementary School, Salisbury 01952

            Remember my school (check this box to save all above info)

Step 3: Enter the correct grade level username and password then click Log In

        User Name: ______________


Usernames and passwords are as follows:

Grade Username Password
K nesgrk nesgrk
1st nesgr1 nesgr1
2nd nesgr2 nesgr2
3rd nesgr3 nesgr3
4th nesgr4 nesgr4
5th nesgr5 nesgr5
6th nesgr6 nesgr6

Step 4: This is what you should see once you log in.

Step 5: Click on ‘My Library’ to access available resources.

Click on desired icon to open the resource.