5th and 6th grades at our first whole school asssembly.

Dear Students and Parents,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Newbury Elementary School, we would like to welcome you.  Our goal is to foster a learning environment with high expectations that encourages and produces lifelong learners. Although our primary focus is on student achievement and academic excellence, we also encourage children to be independent thinkers, good citizens, and productive members of society.  We celebrate each child while addressing individual emotional, social, and intellectual needs.

It is important that there are strong lines of communication between school and home. Staff members are able to be reached by our main phone or e-mail and are eager to receive your input and support.  We encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher to learn about the many ways you can partner with the school.

This website has been designed to acquaint you with your school and its operations and to provide you with information about district policies and activities available for our students.  We hope that it will be a useful reference as the school year progresses. 

Together, we all look forward to this exciting year of challenge and growth where learning takes place in a warm and joyful atmosphere.  If you have any questions or concerns over the course of the school year, please do not hesitate to call or email.  We look forward to a productive and fun filled school year.

Best wishes in the year ahead,

Ms. Yando                                                                           Mr. Astuccio

Principal                                                                              Assistant Principal