NESmusicClassroom Music: Children have weekly music instruction in grades K-6. Classroom instruction promotes good singing, the development of the ear, and rhythmic coordination. Children are exposed to the fundamentals and foundations of musical concepts, and traditional and varied musical styles. Where possible, music instruction can enhance the social studies and literature curriculum. Primary productions for grades K-2 to demonstrate classroom skills are presented at interim. Grade three students are taught recorder (a simple wind instrument) once per week. Each student will be given the option to purchase their own recorder or to borrow one from the school for the year. All third graders are expected to keep recorder paper in order in a loose-leaf notebook.

Vocal Ensembles: Chorus and Choir are performance ensembles. The purpose of the Chorus and Choir is to provide an opportunity for a more advanced choral experience through exposure to a variety of choral styles and literature. Expectations are high. Accurate pitch, good articulation, clear, high tone quality appropriate to children’s voices at this age, and an attitude of teamwork and cooperation are expected. All members are to memorize their music for performances. Chorus and Choir members are expected to care for their choral music in a folder provided by the school.

All fifth and sixth graders attend Chorus once per week during school hours. This is a day class with performance commitments.

Choir members are selected by audition and meet weekly after school. Choir member also purchase 2 cassette tapes at a minimal cost through the school in order to rehearse vocal parts at home.

Instrumental Music: Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to further their talents by playing a band instrument. Group music lessons are given 20 minutes once per week and are rotated where possible to avoid taking children out of the same class each week. There are three instrumental music organizations of varied levels of interest and proficiency. Beginners are in the Symphonic Band while more advanced students progress to the Wind Ensemble and Stage Band. All three groups meet after school once weekly.

Concert Dress: Chorus, Choir, and Band members are encouraged to wear a plain, white blouse or shirt, and a solid dark colored pant or skirt to performances. Jeans or sweats are not acceptable.