New Staff Orientation

August 28, 2017, 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Triton High School Library

112 Elm Street

Byfield, MA 01922


Superintendent Brian Forget

Superintendent Brian Forget


“Have a bright school year!”

“When mentors are well-selected, well-trained and given the time to work intensively with new teachers, they not only help average teachers become good, but good teachers become great.”

–Dara Barlin, Education Week


Triton Regional School District

Mentor Program

The Triton Regional School District Teacher Induction Program seeks to support the acclimation of a new staff member to the district and to institute a system of collaboration among colleagues whereby continuous improvement and life-long learning can flourish.


The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has identified the establishment of a mentor component as an essential standard for approval of a district’s induction program.

The word “mentor” comes from the Greek language and has its roots in the terms “steadfast” and “enduring.”  The story is told in THE ODYSSEY by Homer who gave the name Mentor to the friend who Odysseus entrusted with guidance and education of Odysseus’ son.  Since then, the term mentor has been synonymous in Western thought with one who is a wise teacher, a guide, a friend.

(Source: The Mentor Handbook)