Make-up Work and Incomplete Grades…Students who are absent from class will be held academically accountable for all work missed. Students should make an appointment with the teacher regarding the material covered, assignments, and other academic work that may have been missed during their absence.

At the end of a marking period a grade of “incomplete” may be given if there are assignments or tests not completed due to illness or some other extenuating circumstances.

Students will be allowed only twice the number of days they were absent to make-up work that was given while they were out.  Work that was assigned prior to the absence and due on the day of the absence will be expected to be turned in when the student returns to school.  The teacher may give you more time for completing missed work if there are mitigating circumstances.

  • If you are absent for a day or two, call classmates to get assignments and / or check on ASPEN
  • If you are absent longer than 3 consecutive days, you may call the school to make arrangements for homework.