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The Triton Regional Middle School in partnership with students, families, and the community is committed to the development of independent learners who respect differences and value academic excellence. A highly qualified staff nurtures intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth in the pursuit of developing responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

March 17th Message Regarding School Closure

As we navigate through the challenges that this current closure presents, there are many factors contributing to what student learning can and should look like. As a public education institution, our charge is to provide a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) for all students. With the schools closed, the only opportunity for learning is the ‘distance’ model. While access to technology and the internet is an obvious challenge in a distance learning model, the range of academic abilities and disabilities presents the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

To that end, we have established expectations for enrichment opportunities that will keep our students engaged and supported by their teachers and other educators. The following bullets outline what you can expect in regards to academic support from Triton educators during the closure.

  • Teachers will be providing daily online “office hours” so that children know when their teacher(s) are available. These hours will be shared directly with you and your child by tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th. Please be patient if you contact a teacher tomorrow, as there will be a lot of emails to address for some teachers. For older students, routine communication from teachers beyond tomorrow’s initial plan being sent to families will be directly with students, as is usually the case.
  • Enrichment activities and opportunities will be shared daily. These enrichment activities are meant to support outside learning while school is not in session. No work will be assigned with a due date, and no work will be graded. Teachers will, however, be available to provide feedback and guidance as needed.
  • Teachers will be providing you with links to a variety of online resources. Some of these sites may require a special login. If your child is having difficulty logging on, please submit a ticket to request assistance at https://helpdesk.tritonschools.org/support/login. Please note we can only support the sites that have been approved by the district. For a complete listing of sites supported by the district please click HERE. This listing will be updated routinely, and you can also contact your child’s teacher with any other questions about sites or resources they may suggest.
  • We are working to have Chromebooks available for students who do not have access to a laptop/device. If you would like to borrow a device for your child, please contact our Director of Technology, Debra Jones at [email protected]. We can also provide information about how families who qualify can receive free Internet service through Comcast if needed.
  • Special education timelines for meetings, evaluations and IEP development will all be modified based on the mandatory school closure. Once we are certain when school will reopen we will work to reschedule meetings and timelines will resume. We are in the process of determining the possibility of holding meetings canceled during the closure via telephone or web-based technologies.
  • If you have questions about your child specifically, you can reach out via email to your building principal. You can also contact our Administrator of Special Education, David Magee at [email protected].
  • Throughout this closure, please remember that the loss of structure and seeing classmates can be overwhelming for children. Educators will be connecting with your child throughout the school closure, and please also be in contact with them if there are ways to help support your child during this time. School based educators and administrators are the best contact for any specific issues or concerns.  If you have questions about the overall academic approach during this closure, please contact Assistant Superintendent Kimberly Croteau at [email protected].