Welcome to the Triton High School Guidance Department

Our Vision Statement

Triton High School Guidance Department is an integral part of the educational process.  Our vision is to equip all students with 21st Century learning skills.  Through guidance seminars and individual meetings, counselors teach academic, personal, and career skills as defined by the Massachusetts Model for Developmental Guidance.

About Us

The purpose of the guidance department is to provide educational counseling and guidance services to all students.  A developmental approach is taken in the planning and implementation of sequential guidance activities over the four years of the high school experience.  These services are delivered through one-on-one meetings with students, and our guidance seminars. We have a staff of certified, experienced counselors who stand ready to assist our students in dealing with a wide range of issues including: academics, college and career information, and personal counseling.  Counselors are available during regular school hours and by appointment after school.

The following is a list of general services always available to all members of the Triton Community including all students and their parents:

   1. Educational and Career Planning.

   2. Personal Counseling.

   3. Review and Modifications to students’ schedules.

   4. Scheduling and orientation of new students.

   5. Information interpretation/sharing and consultation with parents.

   6. Continuing development of career awareness.

   7.  Helping students develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.

   8. Information about and referral to school and community resources.

   9. Assisting students in the utilization of all materials available in the guidance office.

   10. Student/teacher/parent/counselor conferences.

   11. Preparation for school/work experiences after high school.

   12. Coordination of applications, including writing recommendations, for post-secondary schools.

Developmental Guidance

The Triton Guidance Department recognizes that students grow and develop through a series of stages from childhood to adulthood.  Although each child matures at his or her individual rate, the following outlines the general focus of our developmental program each year.

Freshmen are becoming oriented to a new and different experience.  The high school is larger, the curriculum more diverse, and the social and emotional issues facing students are different from earlier years.  The counselors help the freshmen become acclimated to and involved in the total high school program.  Beginning in grade nine and progressing throughout high school, the counselor gets to know the student in order to answer any questions and establish a feeling of mutual respect.  The focus of grade nine counselor meetings is on advancing self knowledge, developing coping strategies for academic and social situations, understanding emotions, setting goals, initiating career awareness, and improving study skills.

During sophomore year the emphasis is on self-awareness and exploring options.  The focus of counselor meetings is on identifying and locating career resources, developing tolerance and self respect, and learning ways to resolve conflicts peacefully.  Equally important is the continuation of a relevant and positive academic program in preparation for future plans.

As the students become juniors, the emphasis is on helping students and their parents focus on post secondary planning.  Counselors continue to work closely with students in assessing strengths, skills, and interests. Topics addressed include:  exploring careers, college searches, continued high school planning, test preparation and enrichment opportunities.  Students are encouraged to use the wealth of resources located in the links section of this website and the Naviance software http://connection.naviance.com/tritonhsma.

The focus during the senior year is on finalizing post high school plans.  Counselors work with the students on issues of stress management, decision making, college essay writing, resume writing, the application process, and the transition to college/career.  Students have the opportunity to shape and plan where they will be and what they will be doing for the next year.  They must complete many task as these decisions are being made.  They must attend to graduation requirements and to all the details and deadlines concerning post high school plans.  A great deal of preparation and planning is required if truly good decisions are to be made.  The counselors work closely with the students and parents to guide and support this process.

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