Welcome to the Triton High School Health Office.  The purpose of this web page is to provide important health information and communication to parents and students.

We ask parents/ guardians to notify the School Nurse if their child has any medical problems, e.g. allergies, experiencing a stressful situation, chronic illness, vision or hearing difficulties, recent surgery etc. The School Nurse will work with the child’s physician, parent and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so that the child may benefit from his/her educational program.

All medications are administered by the nurse in the Health Office during school hours. Only FDA-approved medications are administered. Metered-dose inhalers, insulin pumps and Epi-pens for upper level students may be self-administered with appropriate completed forms. Documentation from the child’s physician and parent/guardian signature is required by State of Massachusetts School Health Laws for all medications given during school hours.

When to Stay Home from School

Students do not perform well in school when they are not feeling well. Staying home will likely shorten the length of the illness and hopefully we can interrupt the spreading of germs in school.

You should stay home:

      • If you have a temperature in the morning over 99.6 degrees (a fever). Remain home until 24 hours of being fever free without the use of fever reducing medications.
      • If you are vomiting or feel nauseous. Return to school when you are symptom free for 24 hours.
      • If you have a cough that cannot be silenced.
      • If you have had a sore throat for 3 days and it hasn’t improved. See a doctor.
      • If you have yellow or green-colored phlegm or nasal discharge. After 3 days and no improvement, see a doctor.
      • If you go to bed with a stomachache and wake up with a stomachache, stay home until you feel better.
      • If you have more than one of the above symptoms, call your doctor.

Please remember to take over-the-counter medications BEFORE you come to school to manage cold/sinus/allergy symptoms. The Nurse’s Office does not have cold or allergy medications.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

Nadine Marcheterre, RN

Triton High School

Important Links

Massachusetts DPH    http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/departments/dph/programs/community-health/primarycare-healthaccess/school-health/

American Academy of Pediatrics | www.aap.org

Center for Disease Control | www.cdc.gov

National Assn. of School Nurses | www.nasn.org

Mayo Clinic | www.mayoclinic.com

Harvard School of Public Health | www.hsph.harvard.edu


1.  Medical excuses from physical education classes must be brought to the nurse’s office before homeroom period. A doctor’s note is required if a student is to be excused for more than one physical education class.

2.  Students using crutches or having braces on a limb or back should report to the nurse’s office for a special pass permitting use of the elevator and/or tardiness to class.

3.  Students who need to be dismissed from school due to illness must report to the nurse. Parents are required to provide transportation for their children in case of illness or an emergency.

4.  Students absent for five (5) consecutive days due to illness must have a doctor’s note in order to return to school.


Massachusetts State Law requires that all children be completely immunized in order to attend school.  Parents will be notified if record reviews reveal missing immunizations.

Medication Administration in Massachusetts School

All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office.

1.  Prescription medication may be brought to the nurse in the pharmacy labeled container. A signed consent form by the parent or guardian is required. 2.  A signed medication order from the licensed professional is needed for long-term medications.

3.  Non-prescription medication should be properly labeled with the student’s name, name of the drug, dosage interval, indications and contraindications, potential adverse effects, and special instructions noted.


A pregnant student has the same right to attend school and receive services as any other student, and will be subject to the same rules and policies.  Pregnancy shall not factor into decisions concerning class assignments, privileges, or participation in any school-sponsored activity, including athletics, unless otherwise stated by a physician.

The school will provide education and counseling support for students who are pregnant.  Health plans, medical benefits and related services are to be provided to pregnant students in the same manner as services are provided to students with other “temporary disabilities”.  The school nurse will offer health education, information on community services, and referrals to health care providers, as needed.

The school will provide the pregnant student with an excused medical leave of absence and reinstate her to her previous status upon her return to school.  The school will require a doctor’s certificate detailing the length of the medical leave, as is required for all other students with physical or emotional conditions requiring a physician’s care.  The need for home tutoring will be determined by the physician and school principal.


Report all accidents to the school nurse. An accident report should be filled out at the earliest convenient time.

School Insurance

School insurance is offered to students. Information is available in the main office.

Other Health Services

SCREENINGS:  Physical examinations, postural, vision, and hearing screenings are conducted at various times during the student’s school years. The school nurse will contact parents in the event there is cause for concern. Appropriate referral information will be available to parents.