AP Programs may lead to college credit and give an opportunity for the student to select other, or additional, areas of study. In fact, satisfactory achievement in at least three AP programs could lead to advanced standing in college.

 You must be highly motivated and willing to work at a high level of achievement to take AP courses. The College Board conducts AP Examinations in May. The examination is read by college professors at the Educational Testing Service Office in Princeton, NJ and scored from 1 to 5. The score, 1, means not recommended for college credit. It does not mean you failed. A score of 3 or better is usually required for college credit. You must check with Colleges and Universities that you are applying to for their policies on AP credit.

 Students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the AP examination on the scheduled date in May as outlined by the College Board. Students who decide not to take the AP exam will receive Honors level credit for the course. All AP students will need to declare AP or Honors level participation by the end of first semester.

AP Contract:

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AP Student Agreement:

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AP Bulletin:

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