Triton High School has a strong philosophical belief that inclusive education takes priority over segregated programming whenever possible, promoting the highest degree of inclusion for all students with disabilities.  Academic support is provided within the regular classroom environment as required in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), with regular and special education teachers and staff working cooperatively to promote the success of their common students.  Special education staff provides specially designed instruction based on the individual student’s needs. Counseling, speech and language, occupational and physical therapy services are also provided as determined by each student’s IEP.

Additionally, Triton High School offers several programs for students who have more significant or varying needs. Placement in these programs is determined by an IEP team.

Essential Skills Program is for students whose needs require a higher degree of support and modification to access the curriculum in the regular education classroom.  Students in this program may also participate in small group Essential English and Essential Math classes where significant modifications focus on helping students build basic skills while preparing for MCAS and meeting common core standards.

REACH (Triton’s Alternative Program)is designed for students whose emotional and academic needs are best addressed in a separate therapeutic setting.  The program works to instill the importance of education while modeling appropriate social and emotional relationships. Students access the curriculum and address common core standards to prepare for MCAS and meet high school graduation requirements. The program teaches students coping strategies and skills that will enable them to be successful in mainstream classes and the community.

Triton Learning Center (TLC) is for students whose cognitive profiles require significant modification to access the curriculum.  This program provides opportunities for 1:1 instruction as well as inclusion in the regular education environment.  Programming addresses functional academics, life skills and vocational  training designed to meet the varying needs of each student.