The Academic Support Program is a referral program for students who are experiencing a lack of academic progress associated with a variety of causes.  Some of the students may be missing several classes and/or assignments; some may have unhealthy attitudes leading to anxiety and stress in the classroom; while others may have academic weaknesses that impede their academic success.  The goal of this program is for the students to have the support necessary to become independent learners while being challenged and successful in their academics.

For a student to enter the program they need to be referred by an individual teacher, a group of teachers, or a guidance counselor.  Once referred, the student’s name is brought forth to the IST Team for review.  The IST Team will determine the student’s Academic Support Plan.

The Academic Support Program Process:

  1. A referral sheet is filled out by teacher(s) and given to the Academic Support Room teacher.
  2. Student will attend the Academic Support Program during a Study Hall and will be assessed on learning style and identified areas of academic weakness (as well as other assessments, as needed).
  3. The referral (and any additional information gathered) will be brought to the IST Team for review.
  4. If accepted into the Academic Support Program, the student will meet with the teacher and an Academic Support Plan for success will be developed.  The plan will be crafted based on information gathered from teachers, the IST Team, assessments, and student input.  Plans will be set for a predetermined amount of time and will be assessed regularly.
  5. Parents will be contacted and informed of the Academic Support Plan.  In addition, a copy of the plan will be given to teachers, sent home and placed in the student’s file.
  6. After the predetermined amount of time associated with the student’s plan, the Academic Support Room teacher will meet with the student’s teacher(s) and determine how successful the plan has been.  At that point a determination will be made to either increase the requirements of the plan or hopefully, lessen them due to the student’s progress.  Any time a plan has been amended; copies will be given to teachers, parents and will be placed in the student’s file.

To give you an idea of what a plan might look like, here is an example flow chart of how the process might look for a student that is not progressing, even with our intervention.


Please note:  

This is only one example of what a possible Academic Support Plan might look like.  This process also assumes that the student is attending all required sessions in the Academic Support Program, after school tutoring with classroom teachers and unfortunately is still unsuccessful.  Parental involvement is essential for success and every attempt will be made to engage parents in their child’s success.

In addition…

Please note that if a student is struggling in more than one academic course, they will be expected to stay one day a week with each applicable classroom teacher at the teacher’s convenience, during the teacher’s regularly scheduled after school extra help sessions.

In some circumstances there may be a referral made to Guidance or to the School Adjustment Counselor if emotional issues are uncovered.