An advisory is a small learning environment consisting of students within the same graduating class and one adult advisor. The purpose of such a group is to help develop and foster positive relationships. Being a member of a small peer group allows for further education about academic and life lessons, as it builds school culture and a sense of community.


The Triton Advisory Program aims to establish small learning groups that match a staff member with a group of students for ongoing support, mentoring and guidance. It is the intention that this group will remain a cohesive unit for four consecutive years: The group will form at the beginning of the students’ freshmen year and conclude upon their graduation.


Advisory groups will form a respectful, trustful and safe atmosphere that allows everyone to comfortably share and contribute to discussions while participating in the set activities. It is the mission of the Advisory Program to provide an extended learning opportunity to students regarding such topics as: adolescent development issues and concerns; academic progress, and; societal pressures. This program will enrich the curriculum as it is above and beyond students’ general educational experiences.

High School Advisory Schedule 18-19