Core Values and Beliefs

Triton High School is committed to helping students become responsible for their own learning by providing them with opportunities to develop relevant 21st Century skills as they begin careers, pursue college, and contribute to their communities.

We are a community that values independence while engaging students in connected learning while fostering an environment that demands respect for self and others.

We believe students should be able to:

  • Read and write effectively
  • Communicate ideas appropriately through a variety of platforms
  • Create and problem solve independently and collaboratively

About The School

The Triton Regional School District serves the Massachusetts coastal towns of Newbury, Rowley and Salisbury. Located in the northeast corner of the state, these three communities provide a distinct population of students to the school district. With all three rural towns dating back to the 1630’s, the area is rich in historical traditions and attractions which add to the academic experience of our students.

The student population for the Triton District in 2014-2015 was 2805 with 95% white, and 5% African American, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian American.

The Triton High School teaching staff is a dedicated group of educators, three-quarters of whom hold advanced degrees. The average teacher/student ratio is 14:1, with an average student load of 110. The average daily attendance for teachers is 96%; the percent of teachers licensed is 91%; and 95% of the teachers in the core academic subjects are Highly Qualified under NCLB regulations.