Triton High School is a community that values independence while engaging students in connected learning to foster an environment that demands respect for self and others.  We are committed to helping students become responsible for their own learning by providing them with opportunities to develop relevant 21st Century skills as they begin careers, pursue college, and contribute to their communities. We believe students should be able to read and write effectively, communicate ideas appropriately through a variety of platforms, and create and problem solve independently and collaboratively.

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Applied Math students attended a field trip to UMASS Lowell’s Center for Wind Energy Research on April 24, 2018.  Students first met with David Willis, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering to discuss their wind energy PBL experience, and some of the issues they faced during the design process.  Afterwards in the maker-space, some UMASS seniors spoke about their capstone project on wind energy, which involved designing a system capable of being used in air or water.  This was followed by open discussions and sharing of ideas between students.  Students then were given a tour of the composites lab, and wind turbine blade testing lab by some graduate students.  UMASS graduate students explained how they use acoustics and image capture by drones for structural health monitoring of turbine blades.  The tour ended with UMASS students explaining how they use their wind tunnel to test the lift characteristics of different airfoil designs.

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