UPDATE: May 19, 2020

We began the practice last year of holding ‘drop in’ sessions in each member town in an attempt to provide greater clarity on district spending. These sessions were held in advance of annual town meetings, in each town’s public library, and provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in an informal back and forth discussion to help gain a better understanding of the educational opportunities local tax dollars support. We will be continuing that process this year, but will be moving the discussions to virtual sessions as noted and detailed below

You can review the FY21 Operating & Capital Budget by CLICKING HERE

Virtual Q&A Drop In Sessions:

In addition to answering questions on the FY21 Budget, these informal sessions will also be providing an opportunity for folks to ask questions about the proposed changes to the Triton Regional Agreement. Over the course of the past few years, the administration and school committee have been in ongoing discussions with our town select boards and finance committees about language in our regional agreement. The changes as presented for approval at this year’s annual town meetings are largely semantic changes, as well as those that update the agreement to align with state law and our current practice in regards to our relationship with member towns. The collectively drafted regional agreement with red-line markup and comments can be viewed by CLICKING HERE, and we will be available to answer questions at any of the sessions outlined below. 

We scheduled four sessions, at varied times of the day in an attempt to provide a time frame that will work for anyone interested in joining the virtual Q&A sessions. The login information for connecting to the Zoom meeting is included for each session below. For those not familiar with the platform, you can use the link for single click access, or by entering the meeting ID and password if you are accessing the meeting directly from an app. You will have the option once in the meeting to connect to audio and video (which means we can see you!) or audio only. You will be able to ‘virtually raise your hand’ to ask questions with or without video, and we will provide instructions during the session. If you have any questions about connecting, please contact Brian Forget directly at [email protected].