Below there is information about the 2015 fiscal year budget.  There are also related documents on the right sidebar including PDF resources available for download:


The FY15 budget cycle began on Monday, January 13th with presentations from the principals and program managers that allowed for the School Committee to hear requests directly from district administrators. For each school, these requests were presented alongside the School Improvement Plans which outline the goals and objectives for the upcoming year. In addition, all district administrators presented their budget requests to the committee. Meetings were held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, January 13th – 15th from 6:00 to 8/8:30 PM each night.

These meetings were also video taped, and can be viewed on the School Committee YouTube channel at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/triton-regional-school-committee-meetings

All documents are available under ‘Related Documents’ to the right. More information will be posted as we go through the process.

The remaining budget schedule is as follows: (All meetings are at 7:00 PM in the High School Library unless otherwise noted.)

  1. Saturday, January 25th  —  8:00 AM in CO Conference Room  —  School Committee Budget Workshop
  2. Wednesday, February 5th  —  Intial Budget Presentation to Committee
  3. Wednesday, February 12th  —  Continued Deliberation and Forma Vote on a Tentative Budget
  4. Wednesday, February 26th  — Public Hearing on the FY15 Proposed Budget
  5. Wednesday, March 12th  —  Final Budget Approval 

March 12, 2014 Update:

Final Budget Approved: At its meeting on Wednesday, March 12 the Triton Regional School Committee approved its FY15 operating budget for consideration by Town Meetings in May. The budget proposes an increase in spending of 3.44% over the current year on operational expenditures, and an average increase in town assessments of 4%.

The budget approved yesterday maintains current services and programs into next year, provides for additional mandated special education services, installs WiFi access across the district, and provides the committee with a modest capacity to bargain new contracts in good faith. There will be some reduction in elementary school staffing as three retiring teachers will not be replaced. Class sizes will, however, remain consistent with district class size targets.

Over the past four years the committee has worked diligently with the administration to contain expenditure while offering quality opportunities to all our students. The district operating budget has increased by 0.24%, 1.62%, 2.08%, and 0.62% over the past four years, and an average of 1.51% over 5 years if the budget proposed for next year is included. The fundamental problem is that we are dealing with an outdated and under-resourced funding formula. State spending watchdogs estimate that there is an aggregate $2.2 billion shortfall in support for special education and health insurance costs alone. In the meantime the state continues to pass on unfunded mandates to school districts, while shifting the responsibility for funding public schools onto municipalities which are strapped by proposition 2.5.

February 26, 2014 Update:

The School Committee unanimously approved an Tentative Operating Budget for FY15 of $37,254,480, which reflects an increase in operating costs of 4.35% over the current year. This Tentative Budget is a provisional budget prepared in accordance with the budget development timeline set out in the Regional Agreement with the partner towns of Newbury, Rowley and Salisbury. The School Committee will hold a public hearing in the high school library at 7:30 pm on March 5, 2014, and subsequently approve the Final Budget on March 12, 2014.

There are four overarching themes to this proposed level service budget:

  1. Maintaining range and quality of current programs
  2.  Building on recent developments
  3.  Ensuring that mandated special education services are provided and are cost effective
  4.  Connecting students to the world wide web for instructional purposes

The following documents are available in PDF Format on the left sidebar:

FY15 Tentative Budget Summary Sheet

FY15 Tentative Budget – Complete Proposal

Presentation Handout #1 – 15 Year School Choice Analysis

Presentation Handout #2 – Controlling Major Budget Drivers

Presentation Handout #3 – 5 Year Operating Expense vs. Assessment Analysis

FY 2015 Budget Requests

The first step in the formal budget process is to have the 5 district schools present their School Improvement Plans to the school committee. These state mandated plans are generated by the School Council at each location and articulate the goals for the upcoming year. The school improvement plans were presented on Monday, January 13th and Tuesday, January 14th.

    Following the presentation of the School Improvement Plans, the principals then present a budget proposal that they feel will allow them to achieve the goals outlined in the School Improvement Plans. The proposals generally include new spending in areas specified in the SIP. The administration is very well aware of the financial constraints on the towns. With that in mind the goal was to present a proposal that represented adequate funding, whether or not the spending will be feasible. These budget proposals were also presented along with the School Improvement Plans on January 13th and 14th.

    In addition to the principals’ budget proposals, there were also program proposals from the Chief Academic Officer, the Special Education Administrator, and Technology Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent. These were presented to the School Committee on Tuesday, January 15th. In additional, a Capital Improvement Plan was outlined for the committee.

    All budget documents can be found along with past years’ budget documents on the District Budget page.