Below there is information about the 2014 fiscal year budget.  There are also related documents on the right sidebar including PDF resources available for download:

March 13, 2013 Update: Final Budget Approved:

     The School Committee unanimously approved an Final Operating Budget for FY14 of $35,701,725, which reflects an increase in operating costs of 0.62% over the current year. This Final Budget provides the same level of services as outlined in great detail through the discussions on the Tentative Budget. The only changes were the result of continued negotiations on Health Care Plans. Due to changes which have been agreed by all employee bargaining units, the district will save over $450,000 compared to current year premium costs. These savings allowed the additional savings needed to produce a budget that was affordable to the Triton member towns. 

Then Final FY14 Operating Budget can be downloaded via the links at the right.



February 13, 2013 Update:

     The School Committee unanimously approved an Tentative Operating Budget for FY14 of $36,099,183, which reflects an increase in operating costs of 1.74% over the current year. This budget assumes modest revenue increases from the state, and represents significant cost savings in the areas of special education and utilities, which combined showed savings of over $400,000. This budget is further marked by a significant decrease in School Choice Out expenditures, which has shown remarkable decrease over this and next year, a sign of an improving confidence in the Triton Regional Schools. 

     The budget proposed is designed to maintain the level of current programs, class sizes, and services; to reflect the priority assigned to the District Literacy Development Plan; and to avoid significant out-of-district special education tuition costs.

     At the right, you can find links to the full budget booklet, as well as the One Page Budget Summary, a new form implemented this year to provide a one page, two sides snapshot of the district standing and budget proposal.


The FY14 budget cycle began on Monday, January 14th with presentations from the principals and program managers that allowed for the School Committee to hear requests directly from district administrators. For each school, these requests were presented alongside the School Improvement Plans which outline the goals and objectives for the upcoming year. In addition, all district administrators presented their budget requests to the committee. Meetings were held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, January 14th – 16th from 6:00 to 8/8:30 PM each night.

All documents are available at the link to the right. More information will be posted as we go through the process.


The remaining budget schedule is as follows: (All meetings are at 7:00 PM in the High School Library unless otherwise noted.)

Saturday, January 26th  —  8:00 AM in CO Conference Room  —  School Committee Budget Workshop

Wednesday, February 6th  —  Intial Budget Presentation to Committee

Wednesday, February 13th  —  Continued Deliberation and Tentative Vote

Wednesday, February 27th  — Public Hearing on the FY14 Proposed Budget

Wednesday, March 13th  —  Final Budget Approval