The Massachusetts school choice law (MGL c.76, s. 12B) was enacted in 1991 and permits parents to send their children to public school in communities other than that in which they reside. School committees choose whether or not to become school choice receiving districts, and they may designate a maximum number of available school choice seats for an upcoming year. If there are more applicants than available openings, the selection of students must be conducted on a random basis, and must be free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national original, sex, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, athletic performance, physical handicap, special need or academic proficiency. This opportunity is only available for Massachusetts residents. If accepted to attend within the district, students will NOT be eligible for district provided transportation. Parents/guardians are required to transport their children to school and must do so in a timely manner to maintain enrollment.

Openings are available at the elementary, middle and high school level for school choice students. If you are interested in applying, please download the appropriate application(s) listed to the right. Once you have filled it out, please return it to the Superintendent’s Office, 112 Elm Street, Byfield, MA 01922 marked to the attention of Patricia Morelli.

Though not technically part of the School Choice Program, Triton offers Intra District Choice, allowing students to attend an elementary school not in their home town if space is available. The same application form should be used for these applicants.

If you have questions about School Choice including the process, available openings, or others, please contact Brian L. Forget, Superintendent of Schools, via email at [email protected].

School Choice Applications

(School Year 2022/2023)

These school choice applications can be downloaded and sent to Maureen Dunlevy, Executive Assistant at [email protected].

Elementary Application

Middle School Application

High School Application

General Admission Policy of Resident Students

Students whose parents or legal guardians are considered legal residents of the Triton Regional School District shall be eligible to attend the District schools. Students who reside within the District and who have not graduated from High School, but whose parents or legal guardians are not legal residents, may also attend the District school providing they have not established residence in the District for the specific purpose of attending Triton. In such cases, the student or the student’s parents or legal guardians must request permission in writing of the Superintendent. The request shall state the reasons preventing the student from residing with his/her parents or legal guardians. If, in the judgment of the Superintendent, it appears that the primary reason for the request is to attend school at Triton rather than in the District where the student’s parents or legal guardians reside, admission will be denied. The policy will be reviewed annually in September to determine the practicality of continuing the policy. The decisions will be based upon information provided by the Superintendent including the following: (1) total school enrollment; (2) average class size; and (3) budget constraints or other pertinent information.

The committee may allow a student to attend Triton in order to provide continuity in a student’s education or to promote diversity in the student body which will enhance the total educational experiences for all students. Any request for attendance by non-resident students will always be considered based on available space. The School Committee reserves the right to charge a reasonable tuition fee in any circumstance that would be allowed by law.

Continuity of Education:

  1. A student whose parents or legal guardians are planning to move into the District may be granted provisional permission to enroll in the District school at the beginning of the semester, if the parents or legal guardians produce an executed purchase and sales agreement which identifies the closing date for purchase of a house in the District at a time falling within the semester. A student whose parents or legal guardians produce an Occupancy Permit for a newly constructed house in the District may be admitted to Triton before the family has taken up residence in the District if the house is not under lease or rental agreement. A prorated tuition rate will be charged.

Before enrolling their child at the beginning or during a semester, parents or legal guardians must sign a statement indicating that they understand that if they have not become legal residents in the District by the end of the semester, permission for their child to continue attending Triton will be denied, and they will be required to transfer him/her to another School District.

The Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy in cases where extraordinary circumstances create a true hardship.

  • If a student’s parents or legal guardians move from the District during the school year, that student may finish the semester. However, a prorated tuition rate will be charges. At the end of the semester, the student shall transfer immediately from the District school.

The Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy in cases where extraordinary circumstances create a true hardship.

  • The Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy in cases where extraordinary circumstances create a true hardship.

Admission of Students To Elementary Schools

I. Introduction

The purpose of this policy on the admission of students to elementary schools is to ensure that:

  1. the rights of families living within the district are no less than families resident outside the district;
  2. appropriate priorities are established in relation to town residency, a student’s entitlement to special education services, and sibling status in the admission of students; and
  3. the developmental needs of students are met.

II. Residence

Families may use only one residence on the school admission application.  The address must be that of the permanent residence of the child; i.e., where the child is expected to live at weekends and during school holidays as well as during the week.  Children who spend part of their week with one parent and part with the other, at different addresses, must use the address at which they spend most of their time.  The provision of a false address will result in the disqualification of the application if the application is for a school outside the catchment area/town of the permanent residence.

III. School Choice

Consistent with the rights of residents from outside the district to request a place under the School Choice regulations, families resident in the district have a right to request admission to a school other than their local elementary school.

IVAdmission Arrangements

  1. The district will place an announcement in the media on or about March 1st each year informing residents of their responsibility to enroll children of school age in school.
  2. Students with an Individualized Education Program that specifies the need for full-day Kindergarten as a necessary service shall have priority in the Kindergarten admissions process.
  3. Principals will normally hold any necessary lottery for admission to full day Kindergarten in mid-April.
  4. Families who wish to enroll their child in a district school other than the school that serves the town in which they live must apply for admission to no later than May 15.
  5. By June 1 of each year, the Principal of each elementary school will review the places available, enroll town residents, and in consultation with the Superintendent of Schools, make a determination as to how many places the school has available for non-area students at each grade level.
  6. In the event of there being more children seeking admission from within the town than there are places as determined by the target class size, the Principal shall consult with the Superintendent of Schools, who will review the situation in the context of class sizes at the relevant grade level across the city.  The Superintendent of Schools shall have discretion, in consultation with the Principal, to admit students beyond the target class size if, in so doing, the educational opportunities of other students in the class will not be jeopardized.
  7. After establishing the number of places available for out of town students at each grade level, the latter will be enrolled in the following order:
    1. Siblings
    2. Other applicants
  8. Where the number of applications for full-day Kindergarten is greater than the number of places available, the available places will be filled by a lottery conducted by the Principal. The lottery drawing shall be conducted in public, with at least three day’s notice, and be drawn by a person who shall not be a member of the staff of the school, and shall have no interest in the outcome.
  9. Decisions on out of town applications will be made in mid-June.
  10. Out of district applications will be considered after decisions on out of town applications have been made, normally by July 1st.
  11. Out of district students will be enrolled in the following order:
    1. siblings (in accordance with the 1994 amendment to the School Choice  Law)
    2. other applicants
  12. Once admitted to a school under the School Choice statute (MGL Ch76, S 12B) a child shall be entitled to remain enrolled at a school within the school system until his/her high school graduation unless there is a lack of funding for the program as a result of state action to discontinue the program or the student is removed for misconduct after due process under relevant laws and regulations, or the School Committee redistricts students.
  13. If a family moves from one town in the district to another town in the district a student may continue to attend their current school.
  14. Once admitted to school outside the town of residence a student shall not have the right to return to his or her local school during the school year in question.
  15. Families whose child/ren attends a school outside the town of residence shall be responsible for the transport of their child/ren to and from the out-of-town school.  Families are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive at school punctually, and will be required to reapply for admission towards the end of any school year in which punctuality has in the view of the administration prejudiced the learning and participation of the student.  In such cases the administration shall have given the family notice of its concerns orally and in writing and reasonable opportunity to meet attendance expectations.  Families will confirm this responsibility by signing the admission application form.
  16. If student numbers in a particular class are such as to cause concern that the addition of a further student would be prejudicial to the interests of students previously enrolled, the Superintendent of Schools will review the situation with the Principal and the family. In these circumstances consideration will be given, within the resources available, to the district providing additional support for such teachers as may be affected, additional support may include but not be limited to the provision of supplementary adult support in the classroom, supplementary clerical support, or periodic release for grading and preparation purposes.
  17. A change of school for a student with an IEP or 504 Plan requires a meeting of the IEP/504 team to review the service implications of a change of placement. The IEP/504 team shall include a representative of the administration of the potentially receiving school.
  18. Once admission arrangements for the year have been completed, Principals will maintain a waiting list.  If places become available as a result of students transferring out of the school between June 1 and the opening of school, the available places will be allocated by lottery.