The job descriptions below include all positions that are for hires by individual contract or employees at will. This listing does not include any positions that are part of a collectively bargained contract with one of our employee unions. Any job descriptions agreed with unions would be included in the contracts posted on our website at towards the bottom.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant (Central Office)

Administrative Assistant (School Office)

Clerical Assistant

Committee Recording Secretary

Executive Assistant (Superintendent)

Administrators – Directors

Administrator of Special Education

Assistant Principal (All Levels)

Assistant Superintendent

Cafeteria Manager

Director of Athletics

Director of Food Services

Director of Guidance

Manager Facilities/Grounds

Principal (All Levels)

School Business Administrator

Superintendent of Schools

Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Support Personnel

District Accountant

Early Intervention Coordinator

Explorations Onsite Coordinator

Explorations Teacher

Homeless Education Liason

HR-Payroll Assistant

HR-Payroll Coordinator

Kids Club Assistant

Kids Club Onsite Coordinator

PR-Media Specialist


Technology Personnel

Data Support Specialist

Director of Technology

Network/PC Technician

NIS Administrator