Student and Code of Conduct for Bullying, Harassment, Civil Rights Violations, Discrimination and Hate Crimes

The Triton Regional School District is firmly committed to supporting a school learning environment where all students are treated with dignity and respect. We believe all students should feel safe and welcome as members of our preschool through grade twelve community of learners. We appreciate student diversity and actively foster an inclusive learning culture. We will not permit bullying, harassment, discrimination, civil rights violations or hate crimes between our students, between our employees or between our students and employees.

Our school district has approved a comprehensive “Policy Against Harassment” to ensure all students can learn in an environment that is safe, supportive welcoming and inclusive. The Triton Regional School District “Policy Against Harassment” specifically prohibits harassment based upon sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, handicap and/or disability. Each year, we plan and implement a variety of student education programs to prevent bullying, harassment, violations of civil rights and hate crimes. These programs raise awareness among our students that everyone should feel physically secure and without fear of exclusion, threats or intimidation.

We encourage early reporting of all potential violations of our “Policy Against Harassment” through designated school staff in each of our school buildings. A male and female team is responsible for receiving potential Policy violations and conducting investigations. The Triton Regional School District actively investigates all reports of bullying, harassment, discrimination, civil rights violations or hate crimes in all of our school campuses.

In instances where student or employee conduct is a potential criminal violation, our school district fully collaborates with the Newbury, Rowley and Salisbury Police Departments as well as the Essex County District Attorney’s Office to ensure a prompt, thorough investigation is undertaken. Information on disciplinary measures that the school district may impose if a violation of the Policy Against Harassment is substantiated may be found in the “Corrective Action” section of our Policy Against Harassment. Any Triton Regional School District student or parent/legal guardian of a Triton Regional School District is welcome to request a complete copy of the school district’s Policy Against Harassment. Please contact the Principal of your school building for a complete copy. Any student or parent/legal guardian of a student who feels they (or their son/daughter) have been bullied, harassed, received a violation of their civil rights or were a victim of a hate crime are encouraged to promptly notify the following “Policy Against Harassment” Investigators:

Newbury Elementary School Contacts:

Beth Yando, Principal

Michael Astuccio, Assistant Principal

Newbury Elementary School

63 Hanover Street Newbury, MA 01951

(978) 465-5353

Pine Grove School Contacts:

Elyse Earls, Assistant Principal

Kyle Campbell, Adjustment Counselor

Pine Grove School

191 Main Street Rowley, MA 01969

(978) 948-2520

Salisbury Elementary School Contacts:

Kathryn Dawe, Principal

Jane Keeler, Assistant Principal

Salisbury Elementary School

100 Lafayette Road Salisbury, MA 01952

(978) 463-5852

Triton Regional Middle School Contacts:

Alan MacRae, Principal

Heidi Mongeau, Assistant Principal

Triton Regional Middle School

112 Elm Street Byfield, MA 01922

(978) 463-5845

Triton Regional High School Contacts:

Scott Brennan, Assistant Principal

Nadine Marcheterre, School Nurse

Triton Regional High School

112 Elm Street Byfield, MA 01922

(978) 462-8171

District Contact:

Anna Bates, Assistant Superintendent

District Human Rights Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Triton Regional School District

112 Elm Street Byfield, MA 01922

(978) 465-2397