As a Kindergarten through grade 12 academic region, all operations and organization services are governed under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, § 14 – 16. This law is further clarified in regulation 603 CMR 41.00, which is promulgated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Under these laws, the district has established a regional agreement that outlines the composition of the district along with the agreed provisions for allocation of the financial assessments paid by member communities. Each year, the School Committee and Administration conducts a thorough budget development process to produce a spending plan which is later approved by the member communities at their annual Town Meeting.

Aside from the approval of the budget, the towns are not involved in the day to day operation of the district. The direct oversight of operations falls under the direction of the Superintendent and his/her designee as charged by the School Committee. All facets of the district operations are managed by the district, including all Accounting (receivables/payables), Personnel (salaries & benefits), Facilities & Infrastructure, Transportation, and Food Services. While each domain has its own management, all fiscal transactions are processed through the Business Office.

Some of these areas have their own links in the top and side menus and contain more detailed information and contacts. If there is a question that you are unsure of whom to direct it to, there are specific key contacts in the business office listed in the tab above.

If you are not sure who to direct a specific question to, please email School Business Administrator, Kyle Warne.


School Business AdministratorKyle Warne[email protected](978) 465-2397 x1053
District TreasurerAmy Pocsik[email protected](978) 465-2397 x1051
District AccountantKaren Dennen[email protected](978) 465-2397 x1058
Business Clerk Andrea D'AloisioAndrea.D'[email protected](978) 465-2397 x1052
Central Office Clerk