The district is located in Essex County in northeastern Massachusetts, serving the Towns of Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury. Our K-12 academic region is roughly 40 miles north east of Boston and borders New Hampshire on our northern reaches. Triton is unique as a region, as Salisbury is not geographically contiguous with Newbury and Rowley. All three towns are coastal communities, boasting a mix of picturesque tidal marshes, beautiful beaches, a sprawling interior of secondary forests and farm lands atop glacial deposits.

All three towns have great historical significance dating back centuries.

  • Newbury was originally settled as Newbury Plantation, in 1635 and it was incorporated as the Town of Newbury later that year. Originally part of the Rowley Plantation, Byfield is now a parish within the Town of Newbury. Based on the most recent census from 2010, Newbury has approximately 6,600 residents.
  • Rowley was also settled originally as a plantation and incorporated in 1639, by immigrants from Rowley in Yorkshire. Rowley was incorporated officially later in 1639. The most recent figures for Rowley show a total population of approximately 5,800.
  • While Salisbury was originally settled in 1638 as Colchester, it was later incorporated as Salisbury in 1639.  While the most recent census shows a total population of about 8,300 residents, they report on their website about 7,800 residents live in the town year round. This is due to Salisbury Beach, which is a regional attraction and has many seasonal residences.

While all three towns are different and boast their own unique strengths and traditions, these communities come together to support the collective education of our students.

Town Contacts

Board of Selectmen Contact Information


  • Geoff Walker, Chair
  • Damon Jesperson
  • Chuck Bear
  • JR Colby
  • TBD

Email: [email protected]

(978) 465-0862


  • G. Robert Merry, Chair
  • Robert Snow
  • Jack Cook
  •  Joseph Perry
  • David Petersen

Email: [email protected]

(978) 948-2372


  • Henry Richenburg, Chair
  • Wilma Mahoney
  • Donald Beaulieu
  • Ed Hunt
  • Freeman Condon

Email: [email protected]

(978) 462-8232

Community Partners

We are fortunate to have many partners in the area who work with us closely to support and provide services to the students and families within Byfield, Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury. While the district does have historical partnerships with the following groups, those listed below are in no way directly affiliated or under the auspices of the Triton Regional School District, even those youth sports leagues carrying the Triton name.

Triton Youth Sports

Community Agencies

State Officials Contact

Senate / Representative Contact Information

State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives

Email: [email protected]

(617) 722-1604

State Senator Bruce E. Tarr

Email: [email protected]

(617) 722-1600

State Representative Leonard Mirra (Newbury)

Email: [email protected]

(617) 722-2488

State Representative Bradford Hill (Rowley)

Email: [email protected]

(617) 722-2100

State Representative Jim Kelcourse (Salisbury)

Email: [email protected]

(617) 722-2425