Triton State Champion Cheer Team Visits State House

The Triton High School State Champion Cheer Team was honored on May 8th with an invitation to visit the State House! The girls took a tour of the State House, met and had lunch with Senator McGee, Senator Ives, Senator Tarr and Rep. Brad Hill, and took some time for photo ops. Governor Deval Patrick, who was also supposed to meet with the team, got delayed at a prior appointment. However, he called in and spoke with Coach Dempsey, expressing his regret for not being there and of his hopes to congratulate the team in person in the near future. What an honor for the team. Way to go, ladies!


High School Students Make Art From Plastic Pollution

High School Marine Biology students are getting a rare opportunity to express their creative side while educating others about ocean plastic pollution by entering the 2014 Ocean Awareness Student Contest, sponsored by the organization, “From the Bow Seat.” Plastics account for 80% of all ocean pollution and pose a huge threat to the ocean ecosystem because they do not biodegrade. Countless sea animals and birds die each day from ingesting and getting entangled in plastic debris. Students from across the nation have been invited to explore some of the major questions surrounding ocean plastic pollution and raise awareness of this international situation through art, essay and advocacy. Over 70 Triton students participated and the contest submissions are now on display in the library. Not only is each piece an impressive display of artwork, but also the message they convey as a whole is one that cannot be ignored. We applaud the efforts of our students and invite the public to come to the high school library to view the projects and recognize the lessons they impart. (For more photos, visit our Facebook Page: