School Committee Votes to Reinstate Late Buses

On Wednesday evening, the School Committee voted unanimously to reinstate late buses with funds made available in the final FY2016 State Budget. This restored funding does not allow for the district to restore late buses every day, but late buses will be running at the Middle/High School campus Monday through Thursday, and 2 to 3 days per week at each elementary school. Information about which days the buses will be running at the elementary level will be communicated further, as it is dependent on the days in which after school programs are running. Late bus routes will begin the week of September 21st and will run throughout the year until the end of May, except for the week before the winter holiday break.

These late routes are established in an attempt to provide the greatest coverage of stops across the towns as allowed by timing and distance, while still remaining consistent and predictable on a daily basis. With only two buses running per school/town, stops are much less frequent as compared to the regular day morning and afternoon runs. This is how the routes have been set in recent years, and this will remain unchanged.

The detail routes and stops for the late runs are posted on our website at

K-8 Math Program Presentation

Over the course of this year the district has been reviewing, piloting , and observing a number of K-8 Math programs that align with the revised state Math Framework that was adopted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2011. Last week the Math Program Adoption Committee led four information sessions for parents so that they could learn about the recommendation of the Math in Focus program to the Superintendent-of-Schools.  Assemblies were held at each elementary school as well as the Middle School where the following PowerPoint presentation was shown.

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Elementary District Math Meet

Consider these mathematics problems:

1. Bay Street has from 2 through 15 houses, numbered 1,2,3, and so on.  Mr. Sullivan lives in one of the houses.  The sum of all the house numbers less than his equals the sum of all the house numbers greater than his.  How many houses are on Bay  Street?

2. Mr. Jackson was born on January 1, 1970.  His daughter Lea was born on January 1, 1992.  In what year was Mr. Jackson exactly three times as old as Lea?

Fifth and sixth grade students from Triton Regional School District solved these, and many other mathematics problems during the second of two district math meets on April 14th.   The Salisbury Elementary School team placed first in both of the meets.  Congratulations to the Salisbury team, as well as the top scorers of the meet and to all of the math team participants.

 Individual Top Scorers of the Meet:

  • Gillian Pike (SES)
  • Samantha Mariniello (PGS)
  • Matthew Janvrin (NES


Newbury Elementary School:


Pine Grove School:


Salisbury Elementary School:


Alivia Black

Atticus Chiasson

Justin Fogarty

Hannah Gray

Charlie Grossman

Sam Hargreaves

Nathaniel Howard

Matthew Janvrin

Ross Lyon

Finnegan Manning

Joshua Nigro

Kate Olson

Erin Osinski

Evelyn Pearson

Jack Perry

Joey Powis

Kate Taylor

Freya Tuomi

Caden Vogt

Tommy Volpone


Evelyn Buxton

Nicholas Coffey

Joe DelMonico

Brendan Dennis

Kyle Derochers

Zachary Diecidue

Eliot Lent

Samantha Mariniello

Sydney Marsh

Joseph Renda

Isabella Savino

Anika Simonoff

Sofia Simonoff

Kathryn Trojan

Nicole Trotta


Monique Anderson

Katelyn Keeler

Cael Kohan

Paige Leavitt

Haley Miller

Hunter Parrot

Gillian Pike

Zander Rolfe

James Tatro



Answers to the above problems: 8, 2003




Triton Viking

Triton School District Athletic Program 2015 Clinic Schedule

The Triton School District Athletic Program has finalized its schedule for its upcoming slate of summer athletic clinics and registration for a wide variety of camps is will be underway soon. Seventeen different Viking athletic teams offer a wide range of clinics throughout the summer months. These clinics will be offered for students in grades K-12. As in years past we will be offering a Jr Viking option for students in grades K-3 as well as a Viking option for students in grades 4-8. Each clinic is run by one of our highly qualified coaches and members of their high school teams. In addition there will be no rate increases from last years clinics. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the athletic office at 978-462-8174 or via email at [email protected].

So please save the date and select from a great array of offerings this summer and we can’t wait to see you! Registration is now open at

Below are the available offerings of clinics this summer:

Viking Prep for Success and JR. Viking Prep for Success


  • Viking Clinic Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting June 26, 2015 and going through August 14, 2015
  • Junior Viking Clinic Tuesday & and Thursdays, starting June 25, 2015 and going through August 13, 2015


  • Viking Prep for Success Clinic is 8:00 – 9:30 AM for students in grades 8 through 12
  • Junior Viking Prep for Success Clinic is 8:30 – 9:30 AM for students in grades 3 through 12


  1. Summer Baseball Clinic — June 24-27, 2015
  2. Girls Lacrosse  —  June 24-27, 2015
  3. Softball Clinic  —  June 24-27, 2015
  4. Boys Tennis  —  June 29- July 2, 2015
  5. Girls Summer Basketball Clinic  —  June 29 – July 2, 2015
  6. Field Hockey  —  July 6-9, 2015
  7. Summer Cross Country  —  July 8, 15, 23, 19 & August 5 & 12, 2015
  8. Girls Soccer Session I  —  July 6-9, 2015
  9. Boys Soccer  —  July 6-9, 2015
  10. Boys Summer Basketball Clinic Session I  —  July 13-16, 2015
  11. Girls Summer Tennis Clinic  —  July 13-16, 2015
  12. Boys Lacrosse Session I  —  July 20-23, 2015
  13. Boys Lacrosse Session II  —  July 27-30, 2015
  14. Volleyball  —  August 3-6, 2015
  15. Cheerleading Youth Clinic  —  August 17-20, 2015
  16. Girls Summer Basketball Session II  —  August 17-20, 2015
  17. Girls Soccer Session II  —  August 10-13, 2015
  18. Boys Summer Basketball Clinic Session II  —  August 10-13
  19. Jr. Viking Boys Basketball Clinic  —  August 10-13

To  Register for One of These Programs please go to Summer Clinic Registration

Finalized 2015-2016 Calendar Available for Download

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District Arts Festival – Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Triton District’s annual District Arts Festival will be held Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Student musicians from the elementary schools will travel to the Triton campus in the morning, and spend the day making music, learning theater techniques, and seeing presentations from their high school and middle school counterparts.

Art work from all levels will be on display throughout the day, as well.

Doors open to the public at 5:00 for the art exhibit, which will include student demonstrations and “make and take” stations along with the art on display.

At 6, the Triton Winter Percussion and Winter Guard will present their competitive routines and take some questions.

Finally, the evening culminates with a concert, in which bands and choirs from all levels will perform. We will also hear pieces from our massed choirs and bands. The concert begins at 7:00, is free of admission charge, and all are welcome.

We hope many in our communities will come and join us for the wonderful and inspiring event.

New Design for NES School Grounds to be Unveiled Monday, September 29th at 7pm

Newbury Elementary School and the NES PTA are embarking on an exciting project to improve the school grounds for the benefit of all. Beyond a better playground for students, potential ideas have included an exercise circuit, a small stage, and a weather station; things that will benefit the entire greater Newbury community.

A designer from Play by Design, a company that helps communities build their own playgrounds, is coming to NES on September 29th. She will talk with students throughout the morning, and that evening at 7pm, their ideas will come to life when a plan for the playground is revealed.  In order to keep costs low, the playground will be built using a community build model – which means it will require a great deal of sweat equity, but the rewards will be indescribable.

The NES PTA invites you to join them at 7pm on September 29th in the NES Auditorium for the unveiling of the new design!
For more information, please visit

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