Student of the Month – Anthonio De Azevedo

Congratulations to Anthonio De Azevedo, who was celebrated by the School Committee prior to break as the April Student of the Month!  Anthonio is a fifth grader at Salisbury Elementary School and was nominated by his English Language teacher, Patricia Silvestro.

Anthonio moved to Salisbury from Brazil in November of 2019.  Speaking only Brazilian Portuguese upon his arrival, Anthonio quickly learned the English language. He continues to show an incredible determination to not only learn social English, but also academic English. Over the past five years, SES has continued to welcome students from Brazil. Along with many other wonderful character traits, what has stood out to the community at SES is Anthonio’s willingness and ability to help translate from English to Portuguese and vice versa.  According to Ms. Silvestro, “On numerous occasions when information entered into Google Translate has literally gotten “lost in translation” I have asked Anthonio to help me.  He has done so with great success.”  She adds, “Most everyone here knows Anthonio because he is friendly to everyone. He makes us smile. And his keen ability to translate has made him quite a role model for other students.”

What a wonderful skill to have and share, Anthonio.  Thank you for being such a valued member of our Triton community!

Anthonio, along with Chairperson Linda Litcofsky, his parents, sister, and EL teacher Patricia Silvestro

Student of the Month – Owen Fournier

Congratulations to NES 3rd Grader, Owen Fournier, on being named this month’s Student of the Month by the School Committee.  Owen was nominated by Principal Yando for his wonderful display of caring and empathy when a new student joined his classroom.  As anyone can imagine, joining a new school where you don’t know anyone can be a terrifying experience.  Owen seemed to sense what a difficult transition this must and immediately befriended the new student.  Owen made sure he felt included in the classroom and, at recess, invited him to play basketball.  They developed a special friendship and continue to play together at recess to this day.  “It can often be intimidating when you are a new student in a classroom,” said Principal Yando, “but Owen showed compassion and empathy.  He did this because he is a kind and caring boy.”

Way to go, Owen! Thanks for being such a good example of CARES (Compassion, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-Control) at NES!

Triton At Home Rapid COVID Testing Program

Dear Triton Parent/Guardian,

As the pandemic has continued to evolve, so too has our response to ensuring we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

I am writing to let you know that, in accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Department of Public Health (DPH), we will be updating our District COVID-19 Testing Program, effective the week of Monday, February 7, 2022. This new testing program will provide all students and staff who opt into the program weekly rapid tests that will be administered at home on Wednesday of each week. For more detailed information about this update to the statewide testing program, please click here to view information on the DESE site.

We strongly encourage all families to opt into this program as it will increase the amount of available testing for students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. The at-home testing option will begin as of Wednesday, February 9th for students. In addition to this new at-home antigen test option, we will also continue with symptomatic testing in school. More information is included below.

As part of this shift in the testing protocol, we are discontinuing contact tracing for in school contact with a positive individual, and the associated Test and Stay program we had in place for in school close contacts. This means that if your child is a potential contact in school, they may continue to come to school and do not have to quarantine.

This new at-home testing opportunity is voluntary and only those who opt-in using the form below will receive the rapid antigen tests. The option to join this testing program will be ongoing and you can join at any time, but I strongly encourage you to fill out the form by THIS Monday, January 31, 2022 in order to begin receiving tests that will be sent home with your child starting on Wednesday, February 9th.

To participate, you must opt in by completing the online form at

   PROGRAM DETAILS: (Effective February 7, 2022)

NOTE:  We will continue with our symptomatic testing program, available to all students and staff who become symptomatic while in school. This testing option remains unchanged from the protocols we’ve used all year, so be sure to fill out the required consent if you would like your child to participate. Consent can be provided electronically on the CiC Health website by clicking here.

 Overview: NEW At-Home Rapid Testing Program

  • About the Test: The iHealth test is a 15-minute at-home FDA-approved rapid antigen test

  • Opt-In: To participate, you must opt in by completing the online form at Complete by Jan 31st to begin the week of February 7th.  By opting in, you will agree to review the training materials for test administration, report positive test results to your student’s school, and administer the tests according to these guidelines as provided to you.

  • Delivery: Every two weeks on Wednesday your child will receive an iHealth at-home rapid test kit sent home with them. Each kit contains two individual tests. The tests will be sent home every other Wednesday with all students who have opted into the program as of that date, and a reminder message will be emailed to everyone to remind families to look for the test with their child(ren). One test will be used the night they are sent home, and the other test is to be used the following Wednesday.

  • Testing: The tests will be administered for your student, using one test each week on Wednesday evening.

  • Reporting Positive Test ResultsIf your student tests positive on an at-home antigen test or on a PCR done through a provider, you will inform their school of the positive result using this link You can also call your child’s school nurse with questions, but we request that all positive results get reported through this form to ensure accuracy. Negative results do not need to be reported! The school will keep the results confidential and will not make individual results public. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you inform your healthcare professional of the positive result.

  • Easy, Free, and Flexible: This test is administered at home (not at school), reducing the burden on school staff and the time required to administer tests and increasing a family’s flexibility to do testing in the home for free.

How do I administer the test?

  • Click here for a full “how to” written guide in various languages

  • Click here for a video of an individual self-testing

As always, if there are any questions about the district’s participation in this optional new testing program in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. If there are any medical questions about the tests or results, please contact your child’s school nurse directly.

Thank you for your continued partnership.



Mason Colby – December Student of the Month

The School Committee was happy to present 9th grader, Mason Colby with the December Student of the Month Award.  Mason was nominated by Physical Education teacher, Jim Hounam, for the compassion and kindness he demonstrated when he realized another student was struggling to complete an activity.  In this particular instance, students were taking part in “trust falls” where one person climbs three steps up on the bleachers and fall backwards into the arms of their classmates.  One student who really wanted to complete the task was having trouble balancing.  Without hesitation, Mason volunteered to assist the student up the stairs, stabilized him with a bear hug and then gently released him into the arms of the waiting students.  “It was a special moment for me to see a student show that level of compassion for another student,” remarked Mr. Hounam.  Thank you, Mason, for reminding us what true character looks like, and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

student of the month

Hailey Bradley – November Student of the Month

A big congratulations to 8th grader Hailey Bradley who was chosen by The School Committee as the November Student of the Month. Hailey was nominated by Middle School Science teacher, Paige Ribaudo-Smith, who worked with Hailey last year in the full-time remote academy and has her as a student again this year.  As any student will tell you, learning in a remote atmosphere is anything but easy, and Hailey would be no exception. As she entered 8th grade in-person learning this fall, there were a number of obstacles that met her head on.  However, what she has accomplished as a result of overcoming these challenges has been nothing short of amazing.  “Hailey blew me away from the first day of school,” said Ribaudo-Smith. “She has completed every assignment and has put forth amazing efforts to do so. She is advocating for herself and seeking me out during our study hall period in order to get the one-on-one support she needs to ensure her work is done above and beyond the expectations I have put forth for her.  She exemplifies the hard work, determination, and excellence of our core values. I know that Hailey can do anything she puts her mind to in the future.”

Congratulations Hailey for being recognized for your tremendous efforts! We are so proud of you!


Rafael Galarza – Student of the Month

Congratulations to SES Fifth Grader Rafael Galarza who was chosen as the first Student of the Month for the 21/22 School Year by the Triton School Committee.  Rafael was nominated by Principal Dawe for his wonderful display of compassion, determination, and understanding that he showed to a fellow student who was struggling with the return to school this year.  When no one else could get through to this student, Rafael quietly connected with him in a demonstration of kindness and empathy that one would not expect from a 10-year old.  Ms. Dawe explained, “What he gave to that student was the most powerful gift. And that gift was not only given to the student, but it was a valuable gift to all of us, as well. He exemplifies the type of positive character that SES and the Triton District wants for each and every student.  For everything Rafael did that day and continues to do each day, we are so lucky and proud that he belongs to us at SES.” Congratulations, Rafael!

Student of the Month

Addressing the Needs of the Triton Regional MS/HS Campus

The Triton Regional Middle and High School campus building was first built and came online in the fall of 1971. A renovation and addition project was completed in the late ’90s and opened in 2000, adding the current middle school and making some updates to the remainder of the original building. Many systems and structures from the original building were updated at that time, however, there were some that remained unchanged from the 1971 building construction. While routine maintenance and upgrades have been completed over this period, many of the systems are nearing the end of their useful life and are needing significant updates and improvements.

After discussion with town officials from Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury, the district contracted with Habeeb & Associates Architects to complete a Comprehensive Facilities Assessment to get a firm sense of the scope of the need. The report (available at categorizes the needed repairs and prioritizes them into four separate ‘scopes’ based on the urgency of the existing condition, scope 1 being the most urgent.  A summary of the needed repairs identified in the assessment, as well as next steps for the district can be found here.

Joseph Luciano

A Financial Trifecta for Senior Joseph Luciano

A huge congratulations to Triton Senior Joseph Luciano who has ended his Triton career with a “financial” Trifecta. For the third consecutive year, Joe has won the The Stock Market Game, which is an annual competition run by the “Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association” (SIFMA), a United States industry trade group representing securities firms, banks, and asset management companies.

Achievement in the game is based on actual companies and the authentic daily stock prices of those companies. Contestants are provided with a “virtual” $100,000 to invest and are then expected to maximize this investment stake in real companies, and gain earnings based on their actual performance. This year, Joe made over a million dollars in The Stock Market Game! He ranked number one out of 1,491 in the Massachusetts competition, and astounded all observers. Within the 8-month competition window, Joe realized an extraordinary final account balance of $1,005,202.63! For comparison, the next best mark in game performance in Massachusetts for the same time-period came in at a normally outstanding $208,130.

Joe’s performance was so extraordinary, that his account was reviewed for rules compliance and/or an IT/system glitch by a Stock Market Game team of analysts. However, after careful review and a detailed refutation statement to the SMG Director, his account was found to follow all rules and he had won, fair and square.
Typically, a Stock Market Game Annual Awards Ceremony and Luncheon is held at Fidelity Investments in Boston. The luncheon includes invitations for the winner’s family members, teacher, the school principal, and the district superintendent. Unfortunately, the ceremony was, of course, cancelled, however Joe will still go down in the Stock Market Game’s Hall of Fame!

Similar to an athletic champion, Joseph Luciano’s name has become well known among high school students and faculty. In 2018/19 Joe competed in a similar 3-month event achieving first place out of 1,165 teams with an incredible $88,956 in realized gains, and in 2017/18 he also placed first out of 1,701 competitors, realizing $80,592 in approximately 8 months.

Congratulations, Joe on this incredible achievement. There is a bright future ahead of you! In fact, we believe there may already be a line forming for your services! Enjoy this well-deserved recognition as you take the next steps beyond Triton High School.

A Statement About Recent Events & Protests

Dear Triton Community,

As a district, we have always sought to celebrate diversity in our community and our student body. We are committed to remaining a place where students, staff, and families feel supported and treated with respect, grace, encouragement, and appreciation.

During the last few months, our students and families have experienced anxiety and confusion around the pandemic and the ways it would impact all our lives. These feelings have been further compounded by the most recent protests happening across our country, speaking out against the killing of George Floyd, the latest example of centuries of racially-motivated abuse, assaults, and the killing of black women and men. It is a pain that many of us can never truly understand, but we must be committed to living in ways that ensure that we as a district and community are contributing to productive dialogue, experiences, and solutions. Part of that process is learning by listening, and then, when we are prone to speak, choosing to listen even more to those whose experiences differ from our own. It is vital that we all do our part in the hard work of developing a more thorough understanding of the challenges they face. Collectively, we can and must be better.

These most recent tragedies have sparked a nationwide response, and at the core of the anger, fear, and the tumult is a cry for understanding, dialogue, and change. If we are willing to have difficult conversations to fully understand the past that has led us to where we are today and the roles we have played, then we can be part of the solution.

Never forget the eyes that are watching all of us right now. Our children and teens are listening, watching and searching for helpful ways to understand what is occurring, and are keenly on the lookout for those who are peacemakers, leaders, and champions of a world where racism does not exist. We as adults, educators, parents, and guardians, need to have age-appropriate discussions with our students about the issue of systemic racism, and the hurt it continues to cause. Ultimately, we want our entire community to have an appreciation for and conviction in our core values:

  • Respect for Self and Others,
  • Integrity in Words and Actions, and
  • Excellence for All

I challenge everyone among us to keep these, our ideals, in the forefront of your mind as a lens through which we might view and understand the events occurring in our country. These deeply-rooted challenges will not be fully solved in weeks, months, or even years, but it is incumbent upon all of us as individuals, and as a community, to do our part to work toward change and improvement each and every day. Below you will find links to various collections of resources that you may find helpful as you have these difficult conversations in our classrooms and in our homes.

We promise to do our part as educators and role models to ensure that our students are not only well-versed in our responsibilities as U.S. citizens but also equipped to help create a world where racism and prejudice no longer exist. The preparation for sending contributing citizens into the world begins at home, but you have our pledge that we will do our best to educate our students in an environment that fosters respect and integrity, where each student can explore and learn how they can be productive agents-of-change in a world that desperately needs them.
“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.”  Bell Hooks, Killing Rage