Triton Youth Sports

The Triton School district is made up of three outstanding communities that offer numerous opportunities for young students to participate in youth sports.  These great organizations are run by volunteers that dedicate their time and effort to provide a safe and structured environment for the younger student athletes of the Triton community.

Below is a list of sports offered throughout the year. Registration dates are approximate. In order to obtain the exact registration date and to find current sport specific information please click on the organizations name below and that will take you directly to their site.


Triton Youth Hockey
Triton Youth Lacrosse
Triton Youth Basketball
Rowley Youth Softball & Baseball
Byfield/Newbury Youth Baseball
Salisbury Youth Baseball & Softball
Triton Youth Soccer
Triton / Ipswich Youth Football
River Rival Wrestling
Seacoast Youth Flag Football
Essex County Youth Rugby