We are excited about the opportunity to serve your family and the communities that make up our great school district! Throughout the Triton Regional School District we are committed to developing student-athletes of character.

Our coaches work tirelessly to develop the skills necessary to be competitive on the athletic field and in life.  It is our belief that athletics play a vital role in the development of our students, but we also understand that the needs of the student come first.  We further understand the value of interscholastic athletics in the educational process and the values that young people develop when they have the opportunity to participate in activities outside of the traditional classroom. We further encourage the development and promotion of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in all phases of the educational process and in all segments of our Viking community. 

Ten Goals of TRSD Athletics:

  1. To offer and support a comprehensive interscholastic program.
  2. To promote respectful interpersonal relationships, healthy choices including no drugs, no alcohol and no tobacco.
  3. To focus on the development of skill at all levels.
  4. To encourage student participation at all levels, however, as students progress through the system, it is understood that playing time will need to be earned and participation is not guaranteed.
  5. To develop student/athletes who display good sportsmanship at all times.  Good sportsmanship consists of:To develop a competitive and winning attitude on the playing fields and in the classrooms.
    • Showing respect for opponents at all times.
    • Showing respect for officials and their decisions.
    • Knowing, understanding, and following the rules of the contest.
    • Maintaining self-control at all times.
    • Recognizing and appreciating outstanding skill and performance.
  6. To develop a competitive and winning attitude on the playing fields and in the classrooms.
  7. To encourage individual commitment to personal and team goals.
  8. To promote pride in the school and the athletic program. DO YOUR BEST!
  9. To develop student leadership skills through team interaction.
  10. To encourage parent and community participation in the total sports program via team parent groups, Athletic Booster Clubs, as well as the Triton Education Foundation.

Though it’s not possible for us to provide the perfect experience for everyone involved, it does not mean that we won’t try.  We want to serve you in a way that helps your child/family have the best educational & athletic experience possible during your time with us throughout the Triton Regional School District. 
Go Vikings!
Tim Alberts
District Athletic Director
Triton Regional School District
112 Elm St
Byfield, MA 01922