Student of the Month – Owen Fournier

Congratulations to NES 3rd Grader, Owen Fournier, on being named this month’s Student of the Month by the School Committee.  Owen was nominated by Principal Yando for his wonderful display of caring and empathy when a new student joined his classroom.  As anyone can imagine, joining a new school where you don’t know anyone can be a terrifying experience.  Owen seemed to sense what a difficult transition this must and immediately befriended the new student.  Owen made sure he felt included in the classroom and, at recess, invited him to play basketball.  They developed a special friendship and continue to play together at recess to this day.  “It can often be intimidating when you are a new student in a classroom,” said Principal Yando, “but Owen showed compassion and empathy.  He did this because he is a kind and caring boy.”

Way to go, Owen! Thanks for being such a good example of CARES (Compassion, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-Control) at NES!