Mason Colby – December Student of the Month

The School Committee was happy to present 9th grader, Mason Colby with the December Student of the Month Award.  Mason was nominated by Physical Education teacher, Jim Hounam, for the compassion and kindness he demonstrated when he realized another student was struggling to complete an activity.  In this particular instance, students were taking part in “trust falls” where one person climbs three steps up on the bleachers and fall backwards into the arms of their classmates.  One student who really wanted to complete the task was having trouble balancing.  Without hesitation, Mason volunteered to assist the student up the stairs, stabilized him with a bear hug and then gently released him into the arms of the waiting students.  “It was a special moment for me to see a student show that level of compassion for another student,” remarked Mr. Hounam.  Thank you, Mason, for reminding us what true character looks like, and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

student of the month