Hailey Bradley – November Student of the Month

A big congratulations to 8th grader Hailey Bradley who was chosen by The School Committee as the November Student of the Month. Hailey was nominated by Middle School Science teacher, Paige Ribaudo-Smith, who worked with Hailey last year in the full-time remote academy and has her as a student again this year.  As any student will tell you, learning in a remote atmosphere is anything but easy, and Hailey would be no exception. As she entered 8th grade in-person learning this fall, there were a number of obstacles that met her head on.  However, what she has accomplished as a result of overcoming these challenges has been nothing short of amazing.  “Hailey blew me away from the first day of school,” said Ribaudo-Smith. “She has completed every assignment and has put forth amazing efforts to do so. She is advocating for herself and seeking me out during our study hall period in order to get the one-on-one support she needs to ensure her work is done above and beyond the expectations I have put forth for her.  She exemplifies the hard work, determination, and excellence of our core values. I know that Hailey can do anything she puts her mind to in the future.”

Congratulations Hailey for being recognized for your tremendous efforts! We are so proud of you!