Rafael Galarza – Student of the Month

Congratulations to SES Fifth Grader Rafael Galarza who was chosen as the first Student of the Month for the 21/22 School Year by the Triton School Committee.  Rafael was nominated by Principal Dawe for his wonderful display of compassion, determination, and understanding that he showed to a fellow student who was struggling with the return to school this year.  When no one else could get through to this student, Rafael quietly connected with him in a demonstration of kindness and empathy that one would not expect from a 10-year old.  Ms. Dawe explained, “What he gave to that student was the most powerful gift. And that gift was not only given to the student, but it was a valuable gift to all of us, as well. He exemplifies the type of positive character that SES and the Triton District wants for each and every student.  For everything Rafael did that day and continues to do each day, we are so lucky and proud that he belongs to us at SES.” Congratulations, Rafael!

Student of the Month