Addressing the Needs of the Triton Regional MS/HS Campus

The Triton Regional Middle and High School campus building was first built and came online in the fall of 1971. A renovation and addition project was completed in the late ’90s and opened in 2000, adding the current middle school and making some updates to the remainder of the original building. Many systems and structures from the original building were updated at that time, however, there were some that remained unchanged from the 1971 building construction. While routine maintenance and upgrades have been completed over this period, many of the systems are nearing the end of their useful life and are needing significant updates and improvements.

After discussion with town officials from Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury, the district contracted with Habeeb & Associates Architects to complete a Comprehensive Facilities Assessment to get a firm sense of the scope of the need. The report (available at categorizes the needed repairs and prioritizes them into four separate ‘scopes’ based on the urgency of the existing condition, scope 1 being the most urgent.  A summary of the needed repairs identified in the assessment, as well as next steps for the district can be found here.