High School Students Celebrate National Spanish Exam

On Tuesday,  May 25th, 2021,  Spanish students, grades 9 -12 gathered under the tent at Triton High School to celebrate their success on the National Spanish Exam 2021.  

Students were recognized in an awards ceremony, then enjoyed refreshments with their families. The celebration concluded with a traditional piñata!  This is the first year that Triton High School has given the National Spanish Exam. 


Awards are presented by the AATSP based on a national percentile ranking of all students in each level. Students are also organized into divisions based on their previous experiences with the Spanish language. ¡Felicidades!

Triton High School Awards


Level 1

Bronze: Tessa Darke

Honorable Mention: Sophie Harrington, Carolyn Lucy, Benjamin Norton 

Distinguished Participation: Isabella Basile, Sophia Lesinski, Bryce Martis, Anna Romano


Level 2

Bronze: David Pugh

Honorable Mention: Lyla Benesh, Parker Hertigan, Natalie Indingaro, Cole Jacobsen, Neila Jones, Jakob Lennon, Isabella Oldoni

Distinguished Participation: Kiara Cataldo, Taylor Hamilton, Mackenzie Howland, Paulan Huang, Samantha Kelly 


Level 3

Silver: Kendall Hernandez 

Honorable Mention: Cole Daniels, Makala Erickson, Sophia Walsh

Distinguished Participation: Joseph Abt, Evelyn Buxton, Nathan Ewell, Zachary Godfrey, Alyssa Mullen, Christian O’Connell


Level 4

Honorable Mention: Adelaide Delmonico, Jacob Forrest, Riley Gagnon, Hailey Harden, Bennett Leahy 

Distinguished Participation: Lillian Schroeder